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It is time for the statistics related to the Cyber Attacks occurred during the first half of January and inserted into the the corresponding timeline.

The Daily Trend of Attacks shows two major peaks, during the 3rd of February (corresponding to the wave of DDoS attacks against Egypt Governmental targets carried on in name of OpEgypt), and just at the end of the month, when the attacks in name of OpKashmir became stronger. A third peak is visible during the 8th and, not a coincidence, it is still due to hacktivism, and in particular to the so-called OpBankUnderAttack.

Daily Trend 1-15 February 2013

The Motivations Behind Attacks Chart confirms the trend consolidated in January with Hacktivism still at the top with exactly the same percentage (56%). Cyber Crime Ranks at the second please with one half of the occurrences (28%). It is interesting to notice the Cyber Espionage that has reached its higher value…

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