Meanwhile in other parts of the world

As the United States enters day three of a government shutdown deliberately caused and maintained by House Speaker John Boehner, the rest of the world continues along its lively way.

JAPAN is developing an ingenious method of collecting the sun’s energy with geostationary solar stations that hover some 36,000 km above earth.

NASA is also designing a similar solar harvesting system but its funding and research is now at a standstill with the government shutdown.

In GERMANY, newly elected chancellor Angela Merckel is busy forming a “grand coalition” and for the first time in many years, the environmentally focused Greens Party is vying for entry into her alliance.

In GREECE, the leader of the Golden Dawn, an extreme right-wing party, was arrested for conspiracy in the stabbing death of a popular rap star and awaits trial.

The Constitutional Court of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC issued an irreversible ruling which denies citizenship to offspring of undocumented foreigners living in the country, affecting 250,000 residents who are Haitian offspring.

In the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Defence will create the Joint Cyber Reserve, a full-fledged military unit capable of launching cyber strikes as well as preventing such attacks.

And meanwhile, the “leader of the free world” remains hostage to a retrogressive Tea Party faction.