Congressional Progressive Caucus Abandons Bernie

Candidate Bernie Sanders chose to make the Presidential election about a label called “progressive.” Over the past few years, the label has been associated with the Occupy Movement, Anonymous, Edward Snowden, Wiki Leaks, Democratic Socialists of America, socialism, and of course, Bernie Sanders.

It’s also the namesake of a political coalition founded by Sanders called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

With this tweet, Sanders elevated his merry band of progressives to some purist mountaintop, pronounced a rigid either-or choice to political thought and sought to split the Democratic Party.

Mainstream media complied with his false dichtomy, treating it as a meaningful talking point. On cue, Bernie’s fans used it to lob spitballs at Clinton and her supporters across social media. The label “progressive” joined “establishment” as boundaries of the Sanders sound bite formula. Progressive = Good. Establishment = Bad.

Aside from the fact that political discourse is now wasted on this manufactured purity test, Sanders also escaped the gathering scrutiny of his viability, particularly after losing in the Iowa caucuses.abc_bernie_sanders_jt_150628_16x9_992

Nonetheless, he brought it up, and we now have the prerogative of judging Sanders through his own narrow viewpoint. We need only look at Sanders’ home for the past three decades – the U.S. Congress. And within both branches of this people’s house, view a creation by Senator Bernie Sanders, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPS).

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) consists of one United States Senator and seventy five members of the United States House of Representatives, and is the largest caucus within the House Democratic Caucus.

Now surely the Congressional Progressive Caucus would rise in overwhelming support for its founder (Sanders is the one Senator). And surely, these members of the Progressive caucus would qualify as “real” progressives.

In actuality, only two of the 75 members of the CPC have confirmed their faith in Sanders with an endorsement. On the other hand, 39 members of this caucus have thrown their allegiance to Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Not all members have endorsed a candidate. See below. Source here.)

The people’s representatives have rejected the Bernie Sanders Progressive Purity Test. Progressives have said “No” to this unrealistic and downright extremist vision of governance.

Let’s hope the American people are studying this carefully.

Members of Congressional Progressive Caucus Endorsing Bernie Sanders:

  • Raúl Grijalva
  • Keith Ellison

Members of Congressional Progressive Caucus Endorsing Hillary Clinton:


  • Alma Adams
  • Karen Bass
  • Xavier Becerra
  • Don Beyer
  • Suzanne Bonamici
  • Corrine Brown
  • Michael Capuano
  • Andre Carson
  • Judy Chu
  • Yvette Clarke
  • Katherine Clark
  • Steve Cohen
  • Bonnie Watson Coleman
  • John Conyers
  • Danny Davis
  • Rosa DeLauro
  • Debbie Dingell
  • Lois Frankel
  • Alan Grayson
  • Luis Gutierrez
  • Jared Huffman
  • Hakeem Jeffries
  • Eddie Bernice Johnson
  • John Lewis
  • Carolyn Maloney
  • Jim McDermott
  • Gwen Moore
  • Jerrold Nadler
  • Grace Napolitano
  • Frank Pallone
  • Jared Polis
  • Chellie Pingree
  • Charles Rangel
  • Lucille Roybal-Allard
  • Louise Slaughter
  • Bennie Thompson
  • Nydia Velazquez
  • Maxine Waters
  • Frederica Wilson

27 thoughts on “Congressional Progressive Caucus Abandons Bernie

  1. I would say they all need to be voted out also , any one who sides with Hillary is a republican , a right wing democrat , if you want to be controlled by Wall street then elect the bitch , i will vote for Trump before i ever vote for her


  2. Lol bullshit. Your candidate and her hateful homophobic policies changed when it was popular to do so. No one wants a candidate who will sway with the force of air a fart blows. No integrity, bad judgment, unelectable, opposite of Bernie.


  3. Hillary is wonderful at playing politics. Unfortunately this election will be a lesson in anti-politics campaigning. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you are dense.


  4. I am saddened that some of the congress people on this list did not support Bernie. Alan Grayson, John Conyers who introduces HR676 every year (Improved Medicare for All) Louis Frankel

    Progressives are concerned about the ingredients. WHY do we only have two parties? WHY do we not hear from the Libertarians,Greens, Constitutional, Socialist parties? Why was the debate system wrenched away from the League of Women’s voters? WHY do we have to wait two years for another congressional race if our candidate loses? Are we truly represented in that time period? WHY does a person need a threshold of money or votes before the American public can have access to their ideas?

    This is a flawed system and many of you just put your heads down and say well we have to keep doing this because if we don’t the other side will win. Well we now have an opportunity to do something about that.

    As for not being real Democrats, The Green party has been trying to tell these Progressive folks that for years, so to be partisan for a moment FLEE Progressive Democrats, had you been in the Green party all along Bernie might have felt more comfortable being in the Green party. FLEE from the Blue dogs, FLEE from the corporate control and take back your power to have free and open elections.


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