FEC Finds $23 Million Unitemized Contributions in Bernie 2016

Bernie 2016, the fundraising machine of the Bernie Sanders campaign, has been cited for campaign finance violations that include over $23 million in unitemized contributions in a recent letter from the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The 43-page letter, dated 11 February 2016, lists ten separate violation areas and calls for a response by 17 March 2016.  The letter is a preliminary review of Bernie 2016’s Year-End Report covering 2015.

Violations cited by the FEC include the following:

  1. Incorrect Totals on Detailed Summary Page.
  2. $23,421034.08 in unitemized receipts on Line 17(a)(ii) of the Detailed Summary Page.
  3. Multiple contributions in excess of the maximum donation amount per election year.
  4. Prohibited contributions from foreign nationals.
  5. Potential excessive contributions from Southwestern Adventist University and MassMutual.
  6. Insufficient descriptions of itemized disbursements.
  7. Missing information for a disbursement to a People’s Bank credit card.
  8. Petty cash disbursements in excess of the maximum $100.
  9. Missing information related to reimbursements.
  10. Missing required information for travel reimbursements in excess of $500.

Page 1 of the 43-page FEC letter, citing campaign finance violations by Bernie2016 PAC.
Page 1 of the 43-page FEC letter, citing campaign finance violations by Bernie2016 PAC.

A deeper look into the FEC letter reveals individual contributions far exceeding the $27 average donation often boasted by Sanders. Contributions for $1000, $2000 and even $5000 are often listed. One contributor donated up to 5o times on a single day, apparently striving to meet Bernie’s $27 per contributor claim. Bill Maher, talk show host and political commentator, is also listed for his $5400 contribution to Bernie2016.

The FEC letter lists 162 prohibited donations from individuals identified as foreign nationals. A crosscheck with another campaign tracking site reveals that several donations came from people who previously donated to Rand Paul.

Contributors to Bernie 2016 for 2015 Cited as Excessive, Prohibited and Impermissable Contributions by FEC:

  • Adcock, Daniel
  • Allen, Yoko
  • Anixter, Martin
  • Ariely, Dan
  • Arthaud, Katherine
  • Barber, Vera M.
  • Bartlett, James
  • Beaudry, Scott
  • Bedard, Marcia
  • Bellamy, Ray E.
  • Braus, Nancy K.
  • Brunet, Bonnie
  • Caleb, Anna Taylor
  • Caper, Robert
  • Carel, Kirstin
  • Chigier, Shelly Dews
  • Connell, Liam
  • Courts, Sam
  • Dahan, Richard
  • Dean, Peter
  • Dehlsen, Deanna C.
  • DeLima, Barbara
  • Dolphin, Gabrielle
  • Doughney, Michael
  • Drey, Jr. Charles
  • Eggleston, James
  • Eklund, Kyle
  • Endsley, Tyler
  • Eskew, John
  • Feili, Omran
  • Forbes, Jeff
  • Frick, Ann
  • Girard, George
  • Grassechi, Barbara
  • Gutry, Kylie
  • Hacker-Delany, Iva
  • Hale, John T.
  • Hall, Deidre
  • Hallett, Jeffrey
  • Harris, Jennifer
  • Haugerud, Susan
  • Henderson, Kenneth
  • Hill, Victoria
  • Hinds, Colleen
  • Jones, Jim
  • Kirk, John
  • Klass,Katherine
  • Kohl, Victor
  • Lai, Christine
  • Lamagna, Dal
  • Lapple, Joshua
  • Lennon, Francis
  • Lennon, Frank J.
  • Lockwood, Todd R.
  • Maher, Bill
  • McChesney, Amy
  • McInerney, Brian
  • McPherson, James
  • Mirra, Maria
  • Mishkin, Eben
  • Moe, Jeff
  • Morris, Stephen C.
  • Munro, Scott
  • Myersough, Michael
  • Nataf, Collette
  • Oldfather, Bob
  • Oswalt, Patton
  • Palmer, Gerald
  • Pew, Benjamin
  • Phouthavong, Sisouvanh
  • Post, Diane
  • Rabinowitz, John
  • Rhodes, Lee
  • Ridder, Kim
  • Salm, Antonia
  • Sasso, Paul
  • Scaramucci, Janis
  • Scherer, Janna
  • Sheer, Jonathon
  • Sheriden, James E.
  • Smillie, William
  • Sparks, Twana L.
  • Spight, Lana K.
  • Carl, Stamm
  • Stanley, Symon
  • Stark, Lisa
  • Stone, Andrew
  • Stone, Katie
  • Van Tassell, Richard
  • Virkar, Anil
  • Walden, Barbara J.
  • Waller, Peter W.
  • Warhol, Elisa
  • Weinert, Ronald
  • White, Hayden
  • Wiznitzer, Mark
  • Woff, Robert
  • Wray, Patty


  1. But of course it’s a conspiracy to make him look bad…oh wait, it’s what his own campaign did. Er, never mind…except it’s still Hillary’s fault somehow.


  2. Bern witch Sanders! Yeah! Sanders is a real witch. He offers you candy and than traps you in his cage. I am saying this because too many of his “former” supporters, unfortunately already voted and can’t go back. They discovered who the real witch is too late for them in this primaries. If this is you, you can help Hillary by promoting the real truth, witch is: “Hillary Is The Only One With Presidential Material”, and vote for her in November.
    Hillary’s the only one I trust. All I need is her fist name – HILLARY or ImWithHer and people gets it.


  3. As usual this upsets Bernie Supporters. I know that Bernie is or was a good man, but if he expects to be president he has to know,or at least people working for him should and by not knowing,he is not presidential material! He has been in the Senate to long to know.

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