Bernie’s Digital Gangs: They Don’t Get Mad, They Get Even!


Political Strategy for Dummies

Brought to you by the Bernie Sanders Digital Street Gang

Here’s a fine example of the nuanced and insightful strategy developed by the Bernie Sanders Digital Street Gang.

You see, they believe that a coordinated smear campaign directed toward the single individual they hoped to lure into Bernie’s camp is the most effective methodology of enticement. Never mind that Elizabeth Warren is an intelligent, hard-working United States Senator capable of independent decision-making.

Never mind this:


Nah, the Digital Street Gang are a seasoned bunch of strategists and they know what’s best.

After all, this was the Gang’s strategy when the League of Conservation Voters endorsed Hillary Clinton, and when the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Clinton, and when Planned Parenthood endorsed Clinton, and when the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Clinton and when the civil rights legend, Rep. John Lewis endorsed Clinton.

Collective online assaults, the equivalent of gang-banging, well those have such persuasive force!

Don’t they?