Idaho Sex Offender Appears Linked to Sanders’ Fundraising

A review of the Federal Elections Commission has found a new fundraising committee for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The individual associated with this fundraising effort, Jesse Bolin, matches the name and address of a registered sex offender in the state of Idaho.

The FEC Statement of Organization for the Idaho Progressive Berniecrats was filed on 27 February 2016. Mr. Jesse Bolin, 139 W. Willoway Drive, Boise ID 83705, is listed as the Custodian of Record and Treasurer.

Stmt Org
Statement of Organization filed with FEC naming “Jesse Bolin” as Custodian of Records and Treasurer. [CLICK IMAGE to go to original FEC source]
The profile for Jesse Bolin at the Idaho State Police offender registry gives the same address as that listed on the FEC form (139 W Willoway Drive, Boise ID 83705).

Bolin offender
Idaho State Police Registry Profile for Jesse Bolin

The registry notes that Bolin was convicted in January 1998 of Battery with Intent to Commit Rape, a felony, and must still check-in regularly. The Idaho statutes defines this crime as such:

18-911.  Battery with the intent to commit a serious felony defined. Any battery committed with the intent to commit murder, rape, the infamous crime against nature, mayhem, robbery or lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor child is a battery with the intent to commit a serious felony.

A Jesse Bolin of Boise, Idaho is on social media sites, including Facebook, where his profile describes him as “owner/artisan” at Gypsy Lovers Designs, a tattoo shop in Boise, and a DJ with Radio Boise KRBX 89.9 FM.

The same Bolin hosted a Facebook event page called Boise is Berning, a fundraiser for Sanders. The page is co-hosted by Seth Brown, who is listed as the Designated Agent for the Idaho Progressive Berniecrats on the FEC form. The two names in conjunction with the public Sanders fundraiser appears to confirm the identity of Bolin and his connection to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Jesse Bolin has a Twitter account as well, using the same handle as on Facebook (@Psycache) and identifying himself as a DJ on KRBX.

Jesse Bolin’s Twitter account (@Psycache)

Bolin tweets in support of Sanders and in opposition to Hillary Clinton. A few examples give a taste of his tone.


On Twitter, Bolin calls himself a “Leatherworker,” which is likely a reference to S&M. This adds another layer of connection to Bernie Sanders in light of his published writing on BDSM.

Bolin also “follows” a Twitter account called RepublicansForBernie (@RepublicansB), with this Profile info:

Official website for Republicans for Benrie (sic) Sanders. Join us. Help us set up our PAC, and donate. Come to our events.

It looks like just about everyone is jumping on the Bernie-wagon nowadays. It is morphing from one identity to the next with all “purity tests” waived.



  1. SOME of the article is obviously rooted in fact and that is regrettable. However, there is NO indication that Sanders is even aware of Bolin or the committee he established, as opposed to Hillary’s photo at a public gathering with Silver and her history of association. I can go out and set up a fundraising committee for Sanders and he still would not know me from a bar of soap!
    [Comments Edited]


    1. I’ve edited five paragraphs of your reply. I appreciate you coming here and leaving your response but this space isn’t meant as a bully pulpit.
      Thanks and Good Luck!


  2. Wow. This is disturbing. With Bernie Sanders being known for his “free stuff” it isn;t a surprise that someone of this caliber would be a fan. If you have a felony Im assuming you can’t get far work wise. So supporting a socialist country makes sense for these types. This is great reporting. Thanks for your work.


  3. Wow! Shocking is all I have to say! A sex offender is a fundraiser for Sanders! What would his young, naive Millennial followers say about this? Oh never mind, they wouldn’t believe anything negative about Bernie! He is a god to them!!!

    I think the media should know about this. Would they investigate? Nah…since when have these pro-Bernie cable news outlets practiced investigative journalism! They want Bernie in the race forever to continue attacking Hillary Clinton. And, don’t forget…the main stream media is owned by conservative corporations, the GOP ilk, who have been helping Bernie heap more negativity on Hillary because they know the threat she poses to them winning the general election.

    We will just have to rely on great journalists, like the one who wrote this article, to spread the truth. Thanks for a job well done!

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree that MSM won’t touch this – well maybe NY Daily Mail – so we have to unearth this kind of info. It gives me a shudder writing about this, and I feel like my blog is sullied with the details. But if Bernie Sanders is attracting these characters, there’s got to be a reason.

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  4. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Both this sex offender and his chosen Sanders defy decency. The Nation’s editor, in her tortured endorsement of Sanders for President last month wrote one true thing about Hillary Clinton — the subject of Sanders’ and Bolin’s hate. She said in part, “And there is no denying that if she were elected, Clinton would shatter the thickest glass ceiling and champion women’s rights in a way no other president has.” That’s one truth these misogynists loathe most — the vision that the most powerful job in the country shall be wrestled away from patriarchs and given to Hillary Clinton — someone who will always run circles around all of them at the same time.

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    1. That’s one truth these misogynists loathe most — the vision that the most powerful job in the country shall be wrestled away from patriarchs and given to Hillary Clinton

      Exactly! The ramifications of that are enormous because it means women are awake. It’s Hillary with the most powerful job in the world, and a global awakening of women. They cannot undo that. The power structure will be forever changed.

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