Video Documents Aussies Illegally Working in Sanders’ Campaign

Project Veritas, an investigative film project headed up by James O’Keefe, is credited for documenting the illegal use of Australian Labor Party (ALP) workers in the Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

The group first broke the story and its accompanying video about a month ago but it gained traction when a New Hampshire lawmaker filed a complaint against the ALP and Bernie 2016, the principal campaign committee of Sanders.

The video is posted at YouTube and titled “Australian Labor Party Assisting Democratic US Campaigns in Violation of Campaign Finance Laws.” Here it is in its entirety.


The Project Veritas video is making the rounds at conservative talk shows  such as GrokTALK, with emphasis on the socialist aspect of the ALP (see below).

“Aussie Socialists Helped Bernie Sanders in NH”

Project Veritas also broke the story on the illegal voting practices of the Sanders’ staff in New Hampshire, a stunt that provoked an investigation by the state’s Attorney General.

BUSTED ON HIDDEN CAM: Sanders Staff Illegally Using NH Campaign Office Address to Vote

Click HERE for an index of campaign finance issues with the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign.



  1. Project Veritas and O’Keefe are dirtier than the muck on the bottom of the pond. His highly edited and misleading videos helped kill ACORN. He was caught trying to tap Landrieu’s office and he targeted PLANNED PARENTHOOD. For a blogger who is Leftwing and claims to support Women’s Rights, you picked a crappy source to attack Sanders. Furthermore, the NH lawmaker happens to be a Republican. I found this story when searching for more info on Sanders’ response to FEC complaints and every link went to far-right sources. I searched further and did find some links to English and Australian news outlets that reported on this.

    A simple Google produced a story from the Guardian which is certainly a legit source. Since I don’t think your comments will publish an external link I just give part of the address chain:


    If you want to have any credibility as a Leftwing blogger, at the very least you might want to revise your piece by acknowledging that O’Keefe and Project Vertias are rightwing scum and totally unreliable and including some credible sources with more information such as the one I alluded to above.

    As a Clinton supporter, I expect more from my peers than just scooping up any dirt about my adversaries regardless of where that dirt comes from and how much of it is true.

    Thanks for your consideration.


  2. Love your blog, huge Hillary supporter here. That said, James O’Keefe and project Veritas do not warrant any kind of write up on their latest project. As much as I question Sander’s purity as a candidate, using O’Keefe’s hatchet jobs as something to reference is so very questionable. This is the same O’Keefe who lied and brought down ACORN, just one smarmy effort among many.

    Democrats don’t stoop to that level.


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