Heads Up Hillary Supporters! You’re On a Watch List

A Bernie Sanders supporter group going by the name “redlegion” with a coinciding website is compiling a Watch List of Hillary Clinton supporters on Twitter.

Apart from its ominous surveillance of individual Twitter users, the group calls on others to submit additional names directly via its Gmail account.

Hillary Clinton supporters are referred to as “paid shills” and “anti-bernie assholes.”


The Watch List, described as a “sampling,” also devised an application to perpetually track these people, a practice that amounts to online stalking.

I’ve thrown together a quick script to convert their User IDs to ID numbers. That way, if any of these anti-bernie assholes ever change occupations (other than bashing Bernie), we can still observe them knowing full well what they’re about.

The Hillary Watch List was posted on March 12, 2016 under the following tags: “FeeltheBern,” “Watching You” and “Fuck Hillary.”



  1. This is the Bernie version of the Trump group Lions Of Trump located at lionsoftrump.net. Besides all the hate written about people on the left, this group calls for monitoring all groups that wanted to protest against Trump (which there are Hillary supporters that also protest against Trump too, not just Bernie supporters). On this Site they too call for: “The Lion Guard seeks to identify and expose plots to attack Mr. Trump, Trump Supporters, and their rallies before they even can happen.” When I first saw this site they had a different About page that had an anti-Semitic sentence in their about description. That has since been taken down. But the basic gist of this site is “Protesters will not receive mercy….they will be sliced and diced into little bags.” They actively seek out people online who are planning a protest, and then post that information in their site so they can organize against the protest. So in my opinion both of these groups are just as bad as the other. Online monitoring of people expressing their First Amendment rights is illegal.

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    1. This is the first I’ve heard of the Lions group and it’s chilling but not surprising. I’ve had a theory for awhile that Sanders is mimicking Trump (there are many parallels) or that he is in fact, subsidized by Trump. Now, I just call Bernie an anarchist, among other names. All of this is an assault upon the democratic process, years in the making. Hillary is a make-or-break point in our democracy – I believe that.

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  2. The Bernie Sanders supporters are a large group of people with various intentions. There are some sane ones and some that are living in an alternative universe as a cult.

    I believe I’ve figured out the Bernie Sanders Cult Worshippers plan. These people tend to be young and easily brainwashed. They want to constantly interject themselves into conversations about Hillary Clinton. They are making crazy and irrational statements and asking questions to draw our attention and make us angry. When we get angry, we sometimes get off track trying to convince them that they are wrong. This is a futile endeavor.

    We must not fall into their trap. When a Bernie cult follower jumps into a conversation or tries to create havoc, ignore them and block them immediately.

    We must carry on a focused and positive campaign for Hillary Clinton. We can’t waste time with the crazy, paranoid Bernie cult worshippers.

    Stay Positive and Motivated! Hillary Clinton will make a great President for all Americans.

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  3. I believe foreign nationals are donating to the Sanders campaign for ulterior motives. If America becomes more socialist, they would probably enjoy moving here to live off the American taxpayers.

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  4. My language and disregard for them is far more colorful. Redlegion must have an inflated sense of importance, just like their mentor whose recent interview in the NY Daily News stirs the pot — showing readers how out-of-touch Sanders is with what being qualified for the job of commander-in-chief means. That he lied about taking NY subways is reason enough to cringe. If he’d lie about that, what else could be true? Hint: Next to nothing. He’s full of unsubstantiated vitriol (with false promises) — indoctrinating followers who think it’s hip to flock to a “hybrid socialist”, as James Carville calls him. And then there’s all the information he either forgot or doesn’t care to remember.


    1. Pris, my thoughts about the old fart change daily. Well, they are mostly the same but I drill down into who is using him. I do believe he is a willing puppet, and my thinking now is that he will act as the figurehead (if elected) while his super star covert operatives from around the world set to work making a train wreck of basically everything. Sounds wild yet, when you start being aware of who “supports” him, the idea takes on a little credibility. My main concern is with those hackers out there, who could be released by the old fart, and dictate – anything to anyone. So off I go to think a little more about this theory and watch the news. Thank you, as always, for being here Pris.

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      1. How creepy. There’s the possibility that Katrina at The Nation is part of it. Watching her zealotry on MSNBC last night showed more than ego. Her defense of Sanders seems unhinged; she’s hiding something. And the foreign nationals. What’s in it for them?
        This sounds like a movie so keep thinking and writing. You’ve got a fascinated audience who sees Sanders as so flawed, nothing much else makes sense.

        He’s a blight on my revolution, just for starters.


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