Fake Sanders NY PAC Uses GoFundMe for Questionable Fund Raising

A supporter of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is using public crowdfunding to solicit donations for his presidential campaign, possibly violating federal campaign laws for independent expenditures of a political action committee (PAC).

Keith A. Rubino, associated with Progressive Believers PAC and a Facebook group called Bernie Believers, is the individual who set-up the accounts at GoFundMe. There are at least two such fundraising accounts. Both are designed to solicit funds to advertise the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in New York State.

Upstate NY Bernie Billboards reportedly collected $1540 and Lawn Signs to defeat Clinton in NY has raised $5,668 and is still actively soliciting funds.

The crowdfunding came to light in a tweet that included (“tagged”) Ben Jealous, former NAACP chair and venture capitalist who publicly endorsed Sanders in his bid for the nomination.


Rubino asserts that the GoFundMe accounts are legal. However, the Lawn Signs account includes a photo of the contract signed between Park Outdoor and Progressive Believers PAC.

Under campaign finance regulations, all PACs (political action committees) must be registered and submit reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

A search of the FEC for Keith Rubino did not return a result. Likewise a search for “Progressive Believers PAC” in the FEC Candidate and Committee Viewer found no such committee.

The rules regarding “Individual Expenditures” state the following:

While there is no limit on how much anyone may spend on an independent expenditure, the law does require persons making independent expenditures to report them and to disclose the sources of the funds they used.

The absence of the Progressive Believers PAC among fundraising entities in the FEC indicates that Rubino’s fundraising for the Sanders presidential campaign may not be legal.

Rubino uses his occupational email account at Oswego State University as his contact, which draws the public institution into political campaign funding, also contrary to FEC regulations.

Other photos at Rubino’s GoFundMe account show a Bernie Sanders promotional billboard in Oneida NY. and a pile of cash.






  1. Your “journalism” is wrong on all accounts. The PAC is currently listed with the FEC. It also was filed for within 10 days of spending over $1000 (that’s how long they give you to file). You should probably understand the rules yourself before you go slander someone. Disgusting.


    1. You are wrong. If you care to document your claim with a screenshot from the FEC by all means do so. But you won’t find it. The committee did not register. Maybe I’ll file a complaint…


      1. If they did not register then I would encourage you file a complaint and file one for each violation discovered.
        Knowing Sanders began his second career as a politician some 20 + years ago, he is not only displaying sloppy management, poor decision making he may also be doing it intentionally. deceit and insult certainly describe his overall strategy.


    1. I researched the FEC – the primary source. His “PAC” did not register. That’s a fact. I know you like to harangue; I’ve already met you on Twitter. But to call me unethical for reporting the facts is a symptom of what is wrong with the Bernie campaign. It’s all about deceit and insult. Now if you’d like to come back with a screenshot from the FEC showing he is a registered PAC by all means, please do so!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I don’t think anyone who supports someone who violates FEC rules, has any room to talk about the ethics of anyone else. Unless you are accusing the FEC of ditching the paper that was required, checking with the FEC is enough.
      However, many Bernie fans believe they are empowered to do anything, no matter what rules the violate.
      Not to mention the use of a public institution’s web connection to raise political campaign funds.


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