Non-American Influence in the Sanders Campaign

When the digital age and the global village join together, the possibility for accomplishment is tremendous. The potential for worldwide mischief is equally real.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the Bernie Sanders campaign for the U.S. presidency. This reality should be a wake-up call for Americans.

There is nothing nefarious about interest in a presidential campaign from non-Americans. Hillary Clinton has several dozen endorsements from current and former heads of state, including a number representing Socialist or Social Democratic parties. Bernie Sanders has his share as well, though the numbers are considerably less and primarily from Norway. These are public statements of support. The issue is not with these messages of support.

However, funding and working in a federal a campaign by non-citizens is illegal. Both have occurred in the Sanders campaign. Direct interference in federal elections by those without legal status is also prohibited. By all appearances, this has also happened.

The most persuasive evidence of foreign nationals giving money to the Sanders campaign is the admission of such by the Bernie 2016 Treasurer in official correspondence to the FEC. At this writing, hundreds of donations have been returned to foreign nationals. These forbidden donations began in 2015 and continue to this day.

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The ability of foreign nationals to pour money into a U.S. campaign, promote Bernie Sanders and oppose Hillary Clinton is a simple act, made possible by the anonymity of the internet and the online campaign websites asking for money. So it has happened, month after month for the past 12 months. The slow-as-molasses process for finding these illegal contributions by the FEC and demanding refunds can take three or more months. Meanwhile, illicit money continues to pour in, and while the FEC repeats its laborious process, Bernie Sanders crows about the huge donations. Money attracts money. And his campaign coffers swell.

The money can be returned. However, when foreign entities directly insert themselves into a U.S. federal election, that takes the interference level to a new high.


Video documentation confirms that members of the Australian Labor Party, the national equivalent of our Democratic and Republican parties, were sent to the U.S. and inserted into the Sanders’ campaign effort in various states. Reportedly, the ALP paid all expenses for this illegal insertion.

These members are captured on film and audio admitting their interference. They are videotaped as they pull Hillary Clinton campaign signs out of the yards of residents in New Hampshire. This blatant interference by a foreign state political party caused a NH Representative to file a legal complaint against the Sanders campaign.

According to the Brietbart article mentioned in the tweet above, the video revelation prompted U.S. Rep. William O’Brien (R-NH) to file suit. Here is an excerpt from his complaint:

The evidence easily indicates more than $10,000 of in-kind contributions to Bernie 2016 in New Hampshire alone, and hints that similar financial outlays were made by ALP in several other state primaries. By all reasonable accounts and calculations, Bernie 2016 is responsible for accepting–or at least receiving–tens of thousands of dollars in foreign in-kind contributions. And the ALP is responsible for prohibited intervention in a federal election.

Long a force in the Australian political scene, the Australian Labor Party (ALP), holds social democratic views akin to those of Bernie Sanders, though more moderate.

The significant fact here is that a major political party of another country, which espouses a socialist political philosophy, has blatantly injected itself into an American presidential election.

There are two points which indicate that Australians are still engaged in a Pro-Bernie, Anti-Hillary effort.

First, many of the surnames of Australians cannot be distinguished from that of an American citizen. This points to Aussies as contributors to the Sanders campaign. It also allows them to work in social media without drawing attention to themselves since they have mastered the English language and possess monikers similar to our own Western names.

A second, tangential clue has to do with the current fusillade of attacks aimed at Hillary Clinton for her vote on the Iraq war. Most Americans rightly understand that the origin of this deathly debacle 13 years ago was the work of massive deceit by the Bush Administration, not the vote of a single Senator.

However, the ALP under the leadership of former Prime Minister David Rudd strongly opposed this Bush war game, and withdrew its combat forces from Iraq, ending its military participation as a member of the “coalition of the willing.” While the ALP remains bitter over the needless deaths of the Iraq war, Americans claim the largest loss of life. If anyone is to clamor its hatred for it, it is us – and we have. Again, we recognize the culprit and do not assign blame to Congressional members who were deceived by George W. Bush and company.


Bernie Sanders was incensed when his congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn, elected head of the British Labour Party, was published by Correct The Record last September.

JEREMY CORBYN, newly elected UK Labour Party head. [Photograph: Mary Turner/Getty Images]
He labeled it a “vicious attack” and likened it to a GOP smear.

Nonetheless, the senator did send out his public approval of Corbyn and his left-wing socialist ideas, going so far as to call for such “leadership in every country in the world.”

Here is what Senator Sanders wrote:

At a time of mass income and wealth inequality throughout the world, I am delighted to see that the British Labour party has elected Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader.

We need leadership in every country in the world which tells the billionaire class that they cannot have it all. We need economies that work for working families, not just the people on top. – Bernie Sanders. [The Guardian, 15 September 2015]

Again, there is the commonality of language and political view that connects the citizens of one country with the campaign of Bernie Sanders. There is his own endorsement of Corbyn, a hearty congratulations that not only praised the man but encouraged socialism as a system globally.

One can argue that the U.S. government has encouraged democracy among authoritarian governments. They would be correct. One could argue that a similar encouragement of socialism among governments is equally acceptable. They would be wrong. Socialism like capitalism is an economic strategy, not a system of governance.

We can look at the visceral reaction of Bernie Sanders to the Correct The Record report. If a majority of the American voting public felt comfortable with substituting a socialist economy for our capitalist system, this candidate would have gladly accepted the publicity. Instead, Sanders flew into a rage of denial. He doth protest too much.

American voters need a clear understanding of what is happening here. An American citizen identified as a Democratic Socialist and running for the office of the President, is blatantly flaunting all federal election prohibitions. He is collecting money from citizens of other countries, allowing party members of other governments to actively work in his campaign and openly seeking the support of other heads of state in his run – all illegal practices that seek to circumvent the will of the people in selecting their U.S. President. This unprecedented abuse of the election system should send chills down your spine.


An entity with similar philosophies to Bernie Sanders is the global Green Party, and this is where his brother Larry Sanders comes into focus.

Larry Sanders, older brother of Bernie, national spokesman of health for the Green Party and resident of Oxford, UK.
Larry Sanders, older brother of Bernie, national spokesman of health for the Green Party and resident of Oxford, UK.

“I knew that he would make a huge splash and the reason really is the issue that he’s tackling: the growth of inequality, the distribution of money from the bulk of the population to the very rich is true and when somebody says it they resonate to that,” Larry Sanders. The Guardian, 10 February 2016

As an active member of that political party in the UK, Larry Sanders is an obvious resource for his brother. Whether in fact, Larry has fund-raised for Bernie or solicited donations or otherwise used his influence and his connections to influence an American presidential election has not been proven. It would take far greater resources than this blogger has to follow that trail. This inquiry is a legitimate one and the media of this country need to investigate.

Larry Sanders is often interviewed in the U.S. and UK and asked about his brother’s candidacy. He is keenly aware of its progress. Brother Bernie communicated to Larry the night before he announced his candidacy. Brother Larry has openly talked about Bernie’s run for the presidency (see here).

When Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, Larry told the BBC that there were similarities between Jeremy Corbyn and brother Bernie. The 80 year-old Larry traveled across the pond to watch his younger brother in the Las Vegas debate.

In a Guardian report then, the connection between the brothers’ shared political beliefs was spelled out:

Bernie has credited Larry with introducing him, as they grew up in Brooklyn, to ideas and books that formed his political beliefs.


What also makes this an intriguing avenue to follow are Bernie Or Bust proponents who are morphing into a Green Party protest vote in the General Election.

The website “Citizens Against Plutocracy” advocates such a vote. Its Mission statement reads as follows:

While we intend to vote for Bernie in the Democratic primaries, we also aim to sign up at least 1,000,000+ American citizens pledged to write-in Senator Bernie Sanders for President or vote Green in the general election of 2016 before the primaries begin in February.

Elements of the Green Party exist globally. Jill Stein is running in this presidential election under the Green Party mantle. Her platform mimics that of Bernie Sanders. It takes little logic to connect the dots and recognize that yet another entity that crosses borders is involved in the Sanders presidential campaign.


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  1. One of those books Larry turned Sanders onto was probably the Port Huron Manifesto, written by lifelong activist (unlike Bernie) Tom Hayden, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.


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