Speaking of Big Money in Politics: Index of Bernie 2016 Campaign Finance Issues


Bernie 2016, the principal campaign committee of Bernie Sanders, is required to document all the monies involved in his campaign under federal election laws. An unprecedented (and under-reported) number of issues have been cited since Sanders first began his campaign fund raising.

Below is a list of my articles involving Sanders campaign finance issues dating back to its first reports to the Federal Election Committee in late 2015. Most are based on data from publicly accessible reports and findings at the FEC website.

Two items stand out repeatedly: illegal donations by foreign nationals and excessive contributions, also illegal.

Note that the FEC gives Bernie 2016 a deadline to fix the issues, so older articles pointing out campaign finance problems may have been resolved. I’ve tried to follow up with coverage on these as well.

A few informative articles related to campaign finance are also included here.

June 2016

18 June –  A Whopping 674 Foreign Nationals Illegally Donated to Bernie Sanders During March 2016

May 2016

25 May – Bye Bye Big Money: Sanders Campaign Lost $20M in Donations

21 May – Why Is Bernie Taking Money From Foreign Citizens?

April 2016

19 April – Non-American Influence in the Sanders Campaign

17 April – The Campaign That Keeps On Taking: Bernie’s Greed Machine

9 AprilWhat Happens to the Leftover Campaign Money? |Informational|

7 April – Fake Sanders NY PAC Uses GoFundMe For Questionable Fund Raising

2 AprilNames of Foreign Nationals Illegally Funding Bernie 2016

1 AprilAnother 125 Foreign Nationals Illegally Giving to U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

1 AprilFEC Tells Bernie 2016 to Account for $10M by 4 May

March 2016

26 MarchVideo Documents Aussies Illegally Working in Sanders Campaign

26 MarchNH Legislator Sues Bernie 2016 for Use of Foreign Workers

26 MarchNon-US Citizens Funnel Money into Sanders Campaign

24 March: The Final 5: Whose Got the Money? |Informational|

24 March: How to Follow the Money |Informational|

23 MarchIdaho Sex Offender Appears Linked to Sanders Fundraising

22 MarchBernie 2016 Returns 200+ Donations to Remedy Campaign Finance Issues From 2015

19 MarchBuying the Revolution: $16M Paid for a Digital Presence by Bernie 2016

19 MarchBernie 2016: Money In, Money Out

8 MarchBernie Sanders Money-Raiser Hit with FEC Violations Again

1 MarchBernie’s Senate Re-Election Bid Active

February 2016

17 FebruaryBernie Gets $10 Million in Mystery Donations from Washington DC

13 February  – FEC Finds $23 Million Unitemized Contributions in Bernie 2016

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  1. Thank you for your valuable true journalistic efforts and coverage—the lack of actual vetting of BS or any follow-up on essential financial BS inaccuracies is disturbing

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