Bernie Gets the Boot as a Socialist Party Ticket Emerges

Bernie SandersPoor Bernie.

He’s still trying to convince Democrats that he’s not an Independent (really I’m a Democrat for life!), and convince the Independents and the Progressives and the Greens that he really is with them (Join the Revolution!), while whispering Thanks Comrades to the Social Democrats with a little side-wink to the GOP who hate Trump, Cruz and Hillary enough to switch… while all that maneuvering is going on, the Socialists have decided Bernard Sanders is a fraud.

A recent editorial in the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) titled “Where’s the socialism in the Sanders campaign?” rips the 74 year-old candidate for his illusory rhetoric. Written by Patrick Martin, the piece rakes him over the embers that has become his campaign.

Sanders rocketed to prominence last summer as a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist,” striking a pose of intransigent opposition to Wall Street and the domination of American politics by the “millionaires and billionaires.”

But aside from the label, which Sanders now rarely uses, his “socialism” is invisible. He has not called for a single industry to be placed under public ownership and democratic control—not the oil companies, not the arms manufacturers, not the utilities, not the Wall Street banks that plunged the US and world economy into the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Martin is not just disillusioned, he’s downright angry, complaining that “Sanders is not a socialist,” and adding this spot-on comparison:

Sanders is like the rooster who thinks his crowing causes the sun to rise.

What’s worse for Bernie is the concluding announcement contained in Martin’s tirade.

What is needed is the building of a new political leadership among workers and youth that can explain what socialism is, why it is necessary, and how it is to be achieved. That is the task the Socialist Equality Party will undertake in the course of the 2016 elections and beyond.


Niles Niemuth and Jerry White, candidates of the newly launched Socialist Equality Party.

Yes, there’s a new ticket for the disgruntled SDAs, the mad Bernie Bros and the pissed-off Progressives. The Socialist Equality Party has thrown its helmet in the ring. Jerry White is its Presidential candidate and is joined by Niles Niemuth. White is the US labor editor of the WSWS and Niemuth, a writer with the entity.

In its formal announcement, the Socialist Equality Party enumerated its “demands” and laid out its vision.

The Socialist Equality Party candidates will use the campaign to advance the socialist alternative to capitalism, raise the political consciousness of workers and youth, oppose all forms of national chauvinism, racism and anti-immigrant baiting, fight to unify all workers in the United States, throughout the Americas and internationally, and prepare the working class for the coming struggles.

Both Bernie Sanders and the Green Party, which is running with Jill Stein as its candidate, are discredited in the strongest terms by the socialist party hopefuls.

Sanders’ central role is to utilize his bogus credentials as a “socialist” to waylay popular hostility among workers and young people to the two-party system and divert it back into the safe channels of the Democratic Party.

If Sanders were to run an “independent” campaign—as urged by some of his political backers—this would not change the character of his campaign. His program is based on defense of the capitalist system and opposition to a political movement of the working class.

The same applies to the nominally “independent” campaign of the Green Party. The Green Party is a capitalist party that functions as an external pressure group on the Democrats. When Green parties have participated in governments—most notably in Germany—they have invariably backed the policy of the ruling class, including attacks on workers at home and support for imperialist war abroad.

The announcement is dated 22 April. There is no recent campaign finance activity with the FEC. However, a Jerry White for President committee was set up for the 2012 primaries and then terminated.

Whether this new entry into the 2016 primaries is just saber-rattling or for real, it does diminish Sanders’ credentials among leftists, and comes at a point when his candidacy appears all but over.



  1. Niles Niemuth is 28 years old and is too young to be a VP, because the VP must take over for the president if he is removed or dies and you must be 35 years old to be POTUS. The meat of his resume for this job is writing for the World Socialist Website. No word from him, if he still lives at home. His social media is devoid of any “relationships” that might hinder his campaigning. His ancestors were salt of the Earth Lutheran farmers in Wisconsin. The 2102 Socialist ticket received less than 600 votes in Wisconsin, so I guess Niles’ age is not important.


  2. The circus has come to town. How entertaining! Sanders gets the boot as someone who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.


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