Anonymous Launches Promotional Campaign for Jill Stein

The hactivist group Anonymous is now calling for mass publicity for the Green Party presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.

The promotional call appears in the UK-based Mirror in its 31 March online issue. The article contains a video purportedly issued by Anonymous.

Anonymous claims it does not endorse political candidates in the short clip. However, its call for promoting the Green Party candidate stems from complaints by Bernie Sanders’ followers. Anonymous rationalizes its involvement in the political process by repeating its mission “to create an informed public, to expose corruption, and to circumvent censorship.”

The clip also announces support for an online campaign called Operation Jill Stein. Here’s an excerpt from the short video message:

We encourage everyone to do all they can to spread everything they can find about Dr Jill Stein and all of her policies to all political hashtags and forums and insist she has a voice in future debates and media coverage.

Just recently, Stein sent a letter to Bernie Sanders, whose Democratic bid for the presidency is considered a lost cause by many, encouraging him to join her in a third-party campaign.

The new emphasis on the Green Party echoes the Bernie-or-Bust pledge which includes a vote for Stein if Sanders is not selected as the Democratic nominee. The site Revolt Against Plutocracy originated the pledge and gives directions to its members regarding the Green Party vote.

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