Too Big to Open: Bernie’s 300K-Page April Campaign File Not Accessible

There’s a variant on the “Too Big to Fail” meme. It’s called “Too Big to Open.” If you try to view the April 2016 campaign fund-raising report for Bernie 2016, you’ll see this:

ORACLE error– ORA-00257: archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed. :

Originally filed on 20 April, and labeled as a “Quarterly” report, this is a whopping 312,982 pages. This report was still being processed by the FEC (and not accessible) when the committee submitted an Amended version two days later.

Attempts to open the Amended report also produce an error message from the FEC:

internal erro

Clicking the “electronic filing retrieval section” takes one back to the Search page of the Candidate/Committee view.

Even though filed over a week ago, neither report can be opened to view the details of Receipts, Disbursements or any other pertinent information. The sheer volume of the single report is astounding.

What Should Be in the April Report and April Quarterly Report

The April Quarterly should contain details of all campaign finance for January, February and March 2016. The single report for April should contain a breakdown of all activity during 1 March – 31 March 2016.

However because of previous RFAIs (Request for Additional Information) by the FEC, the monthly and the quarterly reports will also include corrected data for at least one prior month possibly more.

Summary of April 2016 Report

The summary page for the April report does yield some info for the period.

  • Total Contributions: $44,746,787
  • Total Disbursements: $45,715,173
  • Beginning Cash-on-Hand: $17,211,636
  • Ending Cash-on-Hand: $17,460,961


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