Republicans Recoil at a Trump Nomination

The call for party unity by GOP National Committee chair Reince Priebus was met with immediate anger by party faithfuls. One after another, they repeated their commitment to prevent his nomination with many abandoning the party.

The splintering of the GOP is now underway.

RedState, a conservative blog, wrote about an upsurge in Libertarian party sign-ups. According to its 4 May article, the numbers were negligible but the movement is underway. Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, is running on the Libertarian ticket. (Rand Paul must be grinding his teeth.)

But the article’s summary encapsulates the strong antipathy to Trump among this branch of the GOP:

The majority of GOP voters – let me repeat that for Trump fans: the MAJORITY of GOP voters – have rejected Donald Trump. Not in the usual “I prefer my candidate” kind of way. In the “this is something that cannot stand” kind of way. In the “I’m burning my GOP registration” kind of way. In the “#ImWithHer” kind of way.

That RedState story was followed by this one, and this one, and this one, each repudiating the nomination of Donald Trump and planning for an alternative candidate or a new, third party.

Meanwhile social media is resounding with anger as the #NeverTrump and #NeverEverTrump hashtags multiply.

The entire timeline of WTFNews is dominated with similar tweets.

Matt Walsh, well-known GOP commentator and conservative blogger, eschewed Trump and reaffirmed his #NeverEverTrump commitment. Walsh also announced he was leaving the party.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign smartly anticipated the GOP reaction to Trump as its nominee with the release of a savvy video. Titled, “I am a unifier,” it is populated by GOP figures denouncing the candidate. There’s Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz – but Hillary Clinton makes no appearance. There was no need.


In sync with the video was the new appearance of Clinton’s “Republicans for Hillary” welcome to the disenchanted.

gop for hrc

And, Republicans are coming over to the Democrats, as evidenced by these tweets.


The Washington Post got in on the #NeverTrump action with an article by Ilya Somin titled, “Don’t Give Up the Fight Against Trump,” describing how he might be eliminated through rule changes at the GOP Convention. The author suggested a new rule “banning consideration of candidates who resort to threats of violence or condone violence by their supporters.”

And today, Paul Ryan, House Speaker and the one Republican who might heal the party, distanced himself from Trump.  “I’m just not ready to do that at this point. I’m not there right now,” said Ryan when asked about endorsing Trump. “I think what a lot of Republicans want to see is that we have a standard bearer that bears our standards.”

I have to say, these conservatives are ripping Donald Trump apart with a tone and tempo that far exceeds that of many of my Democratic friends. They hate that he’s a misogynist. They hate that he’s a liberal. They hate that he’s xenophobic. That hate that he was a Democrat. They hate that he’s anti-capitalism.

I’m bleary-eyed. After nearly a year of political rhetoric, I can’t tell a Bernie supporter from a Trump supporter or an all-American patriot from a #NeverEverTrump-er. But what I know for sure is that Trump is roundly despised. The few who threaten to support him are the fervent few of the Bernie-or-Bust movement and Republican officials taking a calculated risk.

Six months remain until the General Election. No one can foretell what will happen next.



  1. I’m exasperated, but this, too, is what a women’s revolution looks like. When we read Sanders’s rape essay we got the essence of who he is. Similarly, when Trump said, “Women, you have to treat them like shit,” one sees a man championed by thousands or millions as defining and inspiring conduct. And this morning, Paul Ryan told reporters he and Trump were meeting next week to see if they could come to terms.

    As The Nation’s columnist Katha Pollitt wrote last February, “In election after election, I’ve always had a reason why, in that particular case, the man was better than the woman.” That scenario for Pollitt ended in her piece titled, “Now I’m With Her.”

    Truth is, Sanders’s and Trump’s troops are symbiotic, and their candidates are mostly the same — using ad hominem attacks on women, and Hillary to defeat Hillary’s supporters. Females are discouraged from leadership and underrepresented at every level of government because that’s a power base. And males insist on being power-holders.

    Power-holders don’t relinquish control; activists have to take it from them. The intense hostility to the idea that stake-holders in this election are rooting for a razor-smart, highly capable woman, and liberal Democrat to win on Election Day so that success and leadership is defined in female terms has all but collapsed one major political party. The Democratic party is also threatened to be hijacked by misogynists, the phony male-dominated Left, and the ridiculous socialist equality power-mongers, among other foreign interests.

    I expect Paul Ryan and Trump to embrace simplistic notions of nation-building, and march in lock-step toward Election Day so that House Republicans hold their majority. And I hope that rest of us will banish Sanders’s male supremacists from our daily lives so they intrude and distract us far less. We’re marching here for Hillary’s victory and the male-dominated right and left can get the hell out of our way.


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