Breaking Through the Patriarchy

Forty years after I taped Robin Morgan’s passage from “Monster,” on my bureau’s mirror, which starts “I want a women’s revolution like a lover. I lust for it, I want so much this freedom, this end to struggle and fear and lies we all exhale, that I could die just with the passionate uttering of that desire…” I feel exasperated as we approach the Democratic Convention. Is Hillary Clinton’s eventual success on Election Day what a women’s revolution looks like?

When we read Sanders’s rape essay we got the essence of who he is. Similarly, when Trump said, “Women, you have to treat them like shit,” one sees a man championed by thousands or millions as defining and inspiring conduct. And this morning, Paul Ryan told reporters he and Trump were meeting next week to see if they could come to terms.

Katha Pollitt

As The Nation’s columnist Katha Pollitt wrote last February, “In election after election, I’ve always had a reason why, in that particular case, the man was better than the woman.” That scenario for Pollitt ended in her piece titled, “Now I’m With Her.”

Truth is, Sanders’s and Trump’s troops are symbiotic, and their candidates are mostly the same — using ad hominem attacks on women, and Hillary to defeat Hillary’s supporters. Females are discouraged from leadership and underrepresented at every level of government because that’s a power base. And males insist on being power-holders.

Power-holders don’t relinquish control; activists have to take it from them. The intense hostility to the idea that stake-holders in this election are rooting for a razor-smart, highly capable woman, and liberal Democrat to win on Election Day so that success and leadership is defined in female terms has all but collapsed one major political party. The Democratic 6rXoQ_taparty is also threatened to be hijacked by misogynists, the phony male-dominated Left, and the ridiculous socialist equality power-mongers, among other foreign interests.

I expect Paul Ryan and Trump to embrace simplistic notions of nation-building, and march in lock-step toward Election Day so that House Republicans hold their majority. And I hope that the rest of us will banish Sanders’s male supremacists from our daily lives so they intrude and distract us far less.

We’re marching here for Hillary’s victory and the male-dominated right and left can get the hell out of our way.


  1. I think I’m going to try to finish up a post and hopefully get it posted later today.
    It’s about gender inequality and I started it several months ago, and add to it when the mood strikes.

    I think there are lots of points that people of both genders are oblivious to until they’re not.

    We’ll see what comments my post brings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Have a great Monday!

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  2. My son, who is 30+, called me for Mother’s Day. And, as is often the case, our nice talk eventually turned into politics. To hear my wonderful, highly educated and ethical son repeat the lies and innuendos regarding Clinton made me realize that demonizing Clinton has become a mainstream line of thought with millennials. This phone call lasted nearly 2 hours, while both my husband and I tried to explain to him that the bashing of the Clintons has been historically one of the worst character assaults imaginable and has lasted for several decades. All of it came from one source: Republicans. all of whom were (and have been) complete weasels. The Rethugs propaganda machine has been very effective and fits nicely with their overall woman bashing. I hope Clinton can finally write the last chapter and put a period on it.


  3. Thanks so much, Lynn, for your thoughtful comments. The left’s willingness to be obtuse and blind to misogyny likely isn’t rooted in chromosomes, but in ego and dominance. I’ve changed my mind about this over the years, but maybe the debate should start again!


  4. Lovely, intelligent article! I had considered Sanders but after all the shrill personal attacks against Sec. Clinton he’s lost my vote. I know a lot of men, and what you write is true. In all organizations I’ve been associated with, men have always insisted on being in charge. The ad hominem attacks on women demanding an equal place at the table seems to be de rigour. Why, when the left can accept the need to dismantle racism, that some can willingly be so blind to misogyny?

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