“There’s a ton of small contributors for Mr. Trump.”

The national spokesperson for the Donald J. Trump campaign just told Wolf Blitzer on CNN, “There’s a ton of small contributors for Mr. Trump,” in reference to the candidate’s dwindling campaign funds.

wolf & katrina

Katrina Pierson either didn’t look at Trump’s FEC records or has a unique definition for “ton.”

Contrary to Ms. Pierson’s claim, the Trump campaign is kept afloat through a ton of personal loans taken out by the candidate. The FEC records show that 73.7% of all Receipts (contributions) are Candidate Loans while less than twenty percent come from individual supporters.

SOURCE: FEC. http://www.fec.gov/fecviewer/CandidateCommitteeDetail.do

The New York businessman has funneled millions into his newest venture – running as the GOP presidential candidate. This profigate indebtedness should give the Trump “Kids” nightmares. As principals or dependents, the five adult children stand the most to lose should their Daddy go belly up. Could this be why Daddy and The Kids bumped Corey Lewandowsky?

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