The Republican Stench

Watching the first two days of the Republican National Convention reduced me to incoherent anguish.  The toxicity pumped in nonstop streams from the convention literally turned my stomach.

It’s hard to measure which event was more gruesome: the hail of Hillary-hate from Gulliani, Baio, McConnell, the death threats to #NeverTrump delegates, the Brownshirts transforming into white-collar guys on the podium, Dana White merging the bloodiest of fighting into a compliment to Trump, that angry delegate from Alaska, the contingents from Ohio and Colorado assailed for their non-Trump choices.

Surely, the most graphic moment of nausea came with the abuse of an emotionally broken woman with no concept of nuance and national security and outright CIA cover-up in Libya or her dead son’s complicity in that secret drama, and her well-fed venom toward Hillary Clinton. After her appearance, the manipulated plagiarism of Melania Trump and the campaign’s absurd lies and finger-pointing seem trifling.

I watched two days of this. Watched as the team from #MSNBC sat in stunned silence. Watched the floor team and the outdoor reporters handle Trump devotees with super soft kid gloves. Sat in disbelief as Chris Matthews engaged in gentlemanly interaction with the crazed Guilliani. Listened to Brian Williams dismiss the death threat to a delegate as “politics.” Watched in horror as Chris Hayes politely ended an interview with a racist member of Congress rather than refute his hatred or let the dissenting black woman speak.

How to weigh the casual white supremacist statements by Rep. Steve King which heralded the start of the Republican National Convention?

Most sane people see his Aryan Nation comments as remnants of a discarded ideology, stricken from 21st century civilization. I see his neo-Nazi, Klan-related words for exactly what they are: hatred for other. “Other” represents any being who is non-white, non-Christian, non-heterosexual and likely, non-male.

Steve King is the embodiment of the New Republican Party. He is joined by many comrades: the Tea Party who hate federal government, the sovereign citizens who hate almost all government, the multiplicity of hate groups in every state of the union, autocrats, Alpha males, sociopaths, and Donald J. Trump. King is held at arm’s-length from Party leaders, yet even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan mimicked his sentiments when he declared his disdain for “identity politics” at last night’s convention.

This then is the stench emanating from the GOP in Cleveland and its “different” candidate. It is a combustion of hate and ignorance, cowardice and strong-arm. The stench that is Republican signifies a fatal decline in party politics. It is a descent into the black hole of repugnancy. It stinks to the lowest depths of hell.



  1. I have no interest in watching, and from what I’ve heard online and from snippets here and there on TV, my suspicions have been vindicated. No plans, no inspiration, just Hating on Hillary.

    I grew up being taught that there is no reason to talk smack about opposition unless you have nothing to offer.

    The Trump/Pence Republican ticket is my case in point.

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  2. I’m in Tecate, Mexico on vacation and have so much
    appreciated your insightful review of this deplorable
    Republican Party. Would I sacrifice freedoms to restrain
    them? That’s a question for debate as Trump’s party is
    an epidemic that threatens humanity.

    I’m resolved to defeat Trump’s influence on Election
    Day. It’s no mistake that human evolution and a
    women’s revolution hang in the balance. Our success
    is the best revenge.


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