Ted Cruz and His Solid Right Hook

TY Ted
Tweeted by @StopTrumpPAC. 21 July 2016.

For objective viewers, it was the most rousing speech of the Republican National Convention (RNC). Ted Cruz held the stage for over twenty minutes, enunciating his vision of “Freedom” for Conservative America. The hall resounded with cheers, Texans waved their white hats, a crescendo of hallelujah animated the delegates. It was political theatre at its highest pitch. And then the apex arrived – the moment when the Republican senator from Texas, the defeated opponent of Donald J. Trump – would mouth his endorsement. Cruz let the crowd wait a few seconds. A grim determination covered his face as he said the unthinkable: “Vote your conscience.”

Vote your conscience – the penultimate act of a citizen of a free society – in a millisecond became the symbol of gross betrayal. The once-exuberant delegates flashed their hate yet again at the Quicken Loans Convention Center. Boos. Thumbs-down gestures. A hail of hate like armor-piercing bullets. Cruz gave a sickly smile, awarded sarcastic kudos to the New York delegation, finished with his God Blesses and left the stage as the backdrop went black.

Donald J. Trump and The Kids at the RNC as Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse
Donald J. Trump and The Kids at the RNC as Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse

The GOP nominee, who’d entered the auditorium moments before, emerged in a halo of spotlight. But not before the cameras caught he and his family at the moment the Vote Your Conscience clause flew out of his rival’s mouth like a solid right hook. Make that an undercut. Make that a Dana White style take-down.

I do not like Ted Cruz or his policies. But last night, I gave the guy kudos. Little Marco caved. Fat Boy Chris Christie caved. The Speaker of the House caved. Each and all throwing their lot with insanity. But Rafael Cruz just said “No.”

Sure, his un-endorsement was political maneuvering. Yes, he’s got his eye on 2020. But so does Marco Rubio. And likely, a whole bunch of others who’re aping their commitment to Trump. Yes, Cruz took The Pledge. Yes, he’s treated like a pariah by party elite on both sides of the aisle – even before he dared to un-endorse. And yes, scores of Republicans now spit on him, including the delegates who were cheering him on for twenty minutes last night.

But Cruz did something that can only be called remarkable. He stole the show. His 23 minutes onstage brought down the house, and probably the Senate and the Presidency as well.

Cruz let the nation see that the GOP is a crock pot of emotionally driven clones whose love can become hate in a digital instant.

Cruz demonstrated that insults to person and family by the “Family Values” candidate are not just unacceptable but unforgivable.

But mostly, Cruz gave an inside look at the fragile thing called the Republican Party. When we hear that hellish chorus of invective directed his way, we are witnessing an entity held together by veins of vitriol. We are seeing its crumbling infrastructure.  There is no center, no core, no unifying emblem other than hate. All other is flim-flam and flashpoints.

“No big deal,” tweeted Donald J. Trump, picking himself up and brushing away the pain.

Cruz delivered a right hook and scored a TKO. Just a few rounds remain in this fight. The Donald and his party of sycophants are in the struggle of their political life. All bets are off.


  1. More information.

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    2. Trump doesn’t speak out against Assad in Syria,
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    3. Trump wants to walk away from NATO, leaving
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    4. Trump owes millions to Russia in loans. Russia is
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    5. Paul Manafort, Trumps campaign manager
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    8. Trump’s tax returns would likely show his
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    9. Trump refuses to produce his tax returns
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    what the hell kind of reckless megalomaniac are
    Republicans supporting here? This is serious stuff
    that needs an immediate and thorough
    investigation by the FBI as well as the
    responsibility of Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC
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    nation could at risk of being broken under a
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    10. Trumps debt load has grown dramatically over
    the last year, from $350 million to $630 million. His
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    12. Trumps Soho project was the hit with a series of
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    13. Trumps campaign manager and top advisor.
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    led to the on-going crisis and proxy war in Ukraine.
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    14. Trump’s foreign policy advisor on Russia and
    Europe is Carter Page, a man whose entire
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    Gazprom. You can’t be involved with Gazprom
    without being wholly in alignment with Putin’s

    15. Over the course of the last year, Putin has
    aligned all Russian state controlled media behind
    Trump. Trump has repeatedly praised Putin, not
    only in the abstract but often for the authoritarian
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    Trump is planning on walking away from NATO,

    refusing to back NATO
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