Day One #DemsInPhilly: Bernie Endorses Hillary (Video)

Day One in Philly concluded with the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by her chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders. However, his first words seemed to belie that commitment when he told his delegates:

I look forward to your votes during the Roll Call tomorrow night.

The comment drew boos from Clinton supporters and wild cheers from his young, first-time delegates. He then stoked this ambivalent commitment with declarations that the “revolution” continues, and his hope that he’d continue the “struggle” with them.

Twelve-and-a-half minutes into his 32-minute speech, Sanders mentioned President Obama and Vice President Biden.

At 14 minutes in, Sanders stated that by “any objective standard,” Clinton must be the next U.S. President.

Boos from his own delegates ensued as he continued to extol Clinton.

One wonders how Sen. Sanders, now identified with the Independent party, expected his followers to switch allegiance when he has allowed for her demonization for the 13 months of his primary campaign.


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  1. He’s plenty devious. Few among us are willing to overlook his treachery because we see it rapid fire at each opportunity provided to feed the bottomless pit of Sanders’ ego. I don’t offer his bullshit a mystique, nor do I believe that such influence is anything other than the price to pay for centuries of Patriarchy.


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