100 Days Ahead and Beyond

MARTHA NUSSBAUM: Lecturer. Author. Philosopher.

As Martha Nussbaum wrote, thanks in part to author Catharine MacKinnon, women’s resistance to oppression is the cutting edge of international human rights activism.

Hillary is a feminist thinker, and that’s the rub for misogynists who flock to Trump, Sanders — saying human rights norms should be devised by males focused on keeping men at the center of the universe.


Hillary’s success in 100 days means she’ll play a role in showing that inequality on the basis of sex is prevalent all over the world, along with violence directed at women. This primary brought these ideas to the surface again, so that females were free to challenge the status quo.

MacKinnon is right, women have not yet become fully human legally or politically.

Read this recent New Yorker profile on Martha Nussbaum, titled “The Philosopher of Feelings.”

One thought on “100 Days Ahead and Beyond

  1. Wow! You chose two bright stars of the feminist galaxy to deliver a succinct message – and it’s the message of Hillary’s candidacy too – women will not be defined or constrained by men in power. [I recall a quote by John Lennon right now.] Hillary Clinton as President will be the end of that man-made power machine. Just imagine!

    BTW, I’m not familiar with either Nussbaum or MacKinnon; I’m old school. But I invite you to read anything by Mary Daly, if you haven’t yet. She’ll blow your mind in such a wonderful way.

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