AP Editor Responsible for “Sloppy” Clinton Foundation Tweets Resigned A Month Ago

Kathleen Carroll, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor with The Associated Press. (AP Photo/Doug McSchooler)

The Associated Press (AP) editor responsible for misleading tweets about the Clinton Foundation tendered her resignation a month ago.

The AP announced the resignation of Kathleen Carroll, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor at the news organization on July 20, noting that her “successor is expected to be in place in by Jan. 1.”

The AP and Carroll have been roundly criticized for an article regarding the Clinton Foundation and a tweet promoting the story. Carroll, who may not have been the author of the tweet, nonetheless defended it and refused to remove or correct it.

As explained in an article by CNN’s Alex Koppelman, the tweet distorted the real percentage of people who met with Hillary Clinton during her first two years as Secretary of State. The “more than half” was an inflated number since it did not factor in all persons who met with her during that time.

The AP story deliberately left out the large numbers of State Department and other government officials and foreign leaders who met with Clinton. It also covered a mere fraction of Clinton’s meetings as Secretary of State (154) and counted only a portion of her term rather than the full four years.

As a result, the AP article gave the misleading impression that over fifty percent of those meeting with Clinton donated to the Clinton Foundation, a claim that is not substantiated by evidence. The uproar over the AP story has included other media outlets including The Washington Post and Vox, as well as the Clinton campaign, which rebutted the findings.

Nonetheless, the article gave fodder to Clinton’s opponent, who immediately launched a public attack using the faulty AP data. In the words of Donald Trump, “fifty percent of people who saw [Clinton] had to make a contribution to the Clinton Foundation.”

Kathleen Carroll admits the tweet was “sloppy” but refuses to retract or amend it. Her resistance is extraordinary in light of her upcoming departure from the AP after a 14-year tenure. It’s even stranger when her journalistic accomplishments are considered.

Under her purview, the AP has been awarded many investigative journalism awards including five Pulitzers, George Polk Awards and Overseas Press Club Awards.

Why sully this reputation on the eve of her leavetaking?

One has to wonder: Does Kathleen Carroll have an ax to grind or is she yet another female scapegoat?


    1. Thanks! Back after another hack by Trump’s evil minions with a cool little laptop, invicible to all, thanks to my wonderful Hillary friends!

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