The sick, frightening reality of today in America

I turn on NPR, the last bastion of intelligent life in the broadcast journalism universe. Judy Woodruff has on her worried face. Mark Shields is mumbling, jumping from one disconnected thought to another (why do they keep him?). He is saying Hillary Clinton made a big mistake with the “basket of deplorables” and throws in the word redemption. Americans love redemption and his implication is that the deplorables are somehow fallen angels who have changed or will change their ways. As if a neo Nazi will discard his idea of white genocide and suddenly realize he had it all wrong.

I want to scream

David Brooks postulates about something. He complains about Hillary Clinton, her millions of plans and her loss of focus. It is her fault. Donald Trump is just a normal guy who’s running a better campaign. Only two minutes in and I leave the room.

I return and there’s Gwen Ifil and her round table of serious-faced pundits. Gwen wants to play Truth or Consequences tonight. She scurries from one subject to the next.  One fellow makes sense in condemning Trump and his birther crap “major announcement” today. I take hope.

Gwen shows Trump’s latest video. Just an hour ago, he called on Clinton to disarm her Secret Service. “Then we’ll see what happens,” says the lunatic.

I cannot believe I’m hearing this.

Here is a circle of intelligent people led by a black woman who surely knows what the hell is going on, surely “gets it” in the way Joy Reid gets it. Gets that Trump and his hordes of deplorables ARE deplorable. Gets that Trump has just casually invoked violence upon Hillary Clinton.

Yet there they sit in their smug suits and complacent eyes. No blood pressure roars. No red-faced exclamation. Nope, just another Friday night, business-as-usual talk about Donald Trump, who has just called violence upon the Democratic presidential nominee.

I am dully aware that things are really fucked up. No other way to say it. Royally fucked up.

And which is worse: that it is NPR that now so casually accepts the lunatic that is Trump? Or that this distinguished circle is talking in such a calm, sane fashion about the lunatic? Or is it that no one is making the legitimate obvious connections between the alt-right/neo-nazi bent for violence and Donald Trump’s statement?

How could this be? Why is no one screaming? What is wrong with this world?

I have drifted toward an existential separation from this election for days now. Separation is better than flat-out defeatism. Because in my heart, I feel it is lost; Hillary has lost; we are definitely lost. No. No. No! It will not be. It cannot be.

This is not a ratings game. This is not some trumped-up drama posing as politics. This is real. People could be killed. More people will be killed, to be exact. Liberties will be forbidden. Women, people of color, gay and queers will all be subject to – anything. (And the Fraternal Order of Police have just endorsed the lunatic. I assume they will carry out any “punishments” the lunatic deems necessary.)

And so my thoughts go.

It is so hard to rein in the sick, frightening reality of today in America. It is so hard to counterbalance what I see, what I hear with a white glare of positivity.

The lunatic has set his locusts in motion. They’re salivating. They want blood; they ooze hate.

In 53 days, will the nightmare be over?


  1. It’s all right to feel disgust, and to panic, especially at how the media has enabled Trump (and Matt Taibbi can go f*#! himself for claiming that it’s not true).

    But take that panic and channel it into getting the vote out.

    If there is a shift in the polls, it’s because for the better part of a week the media hammered Hillary about her health and let Trump go tell several whoppers. But after yesterday, maybe things have changed. Perhaps some in the press are actually terrified of a Trump win and are going to take the kid gloves off. Perhaps some remember what the hell was unleashed on the country because of what the press failed to do in 2000, which was to hold Bush’s feet to the fire and not perform verbal fellatio on him. Or perhaps that many in the media have finally realized that Trumpis playing them for fools.

    Either way, the media continues to ignore that the polls now are heavily shifted towards whites and Republicans, even though the demos have changed. They’re not including the “Obama Coalition”, and the press is not talking about the ground game–Hillary has it, Trump does not. If there is a tightening, that’s to be expected. The press gloated over the “leads” McCain and Romney had in 2008 and 2012, and we saw how things ended up. Hillary Clinton never said that this was going to be an easy campaign, and that it would always be close–in this regard, she was a helluva lot more honest that the Sanders supporters who kept screaming about a landslid win for Bernie.

    I’m avoiding the media until the debates. I’m pretty tired of them, more than I was back in 2000. With Hillary back on the campaign trail and with her surrogates (including Obama) stumping for her, she’s not going to give up. Trump has gotten where he has because the media cut him a huge amount of slack because they felt that he “pivoted”. As it turns out, he hadn’t changed at all. If they realize this, and decide to actually put the screws to him, it will mean more balance and less false-equivalence.

    Just my 2-cents.

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    1. Mark, I certainly appreciate your comment. My post came during a dismal time and from a very dark place. I can so easily foresee the horror of a Trump presidency, his potential for literally blowing up the planet. I witness the ignorance and the hate of his cult. I listen to the acquiescent media. And it rolls over me like a wave of suffocating bewilderment. I believe in Hillary Clinton. When I step outside the digital world, my mind clears and I know she will be President.

      I’m like you (and many others), I’ve all but turned off the “news.” It has lost sight of its purpose – to protect us from people like Trump. As a former journalist, their betrayal stings though I could see it coming years ago when infotainment replaced straight reporting. It’s time to thoroughly clean house – and only Hillary Clinton can get it done.

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  2. I’m frightened, for sure. In my belly I know we’re not lost.
    She hasnt lost. She stumbled. We’ll
    suffer the indignity of the Party of Trump and
    Bewildered that it has swept too much if Anerica, but in 51
    days he’s toast. His disgraced deplorable and despicables
    swept under the carpet and new lives begin.

    Count on this. Our arms around each other holding
    up more than half of this sky.

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