Enforce the Baker Act – Commit Donald Trump


In Florida, when someone demonstrates that he or she is a danger to oneself or another, that person can be involuntarily committed for a psychiatric evaluation. The law, commonly called the Baker Act, is used routinely by mental health practitioners to remove suicidal or homicidal people from the general environment as a safety measure.

Donald Trump qualifies for involuntary commitment and psychiatric evaluation.

MIAMI FL – Donald Trump calls for the immediate disarming of Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards. “It will be very dangerous.”


Last night at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida, Donald Trump incited violence against Hillary Clinton. His inflammatory remarks zoomed over the scale of political rhetoric and hyperbole. Trump’s words can only be construed as a deliberate call for his opponent’s assassination. They more explicitly reinforce his “Second Amendment” remark last month, inciting people to act in a violent way toward Clinton to stop her appointment of Supreme Court Justices as President.

|See Trump’s full remarks on YouTube beginning at 55:00 minutes.|

During the Miami rally, Trump read from teleprompters and inserted undisciplined ad lib comments. He bragged about his endorsements, his trip to Little Haiti and his poll rankings while bashing Clinton, her supporters, big words and “Ivy League” schools. His incendiary comments are as follows:

She’s (Clinton) very much against the Second Amendment. She wants to destroy your Second Amendment. Guns. Guns. Guns, right? You know, she wants to take your guns away. I think what we should do is… she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm, right? I think they should disarm. Immediately! What do you think, yes? (pointing at someone in the audience). Yes. Take their guns away! She doesn’t want guns. Take them, let’s see what happens. Take their guns away, ok. It will be very dangerous. [Emphasis added.]

During this short passage, Trump was speaking off the cuff, looking directly at the audience and not reading from teleprompters. This was not prepared script. This was Trump speaking his mind. And his is a mind that consistently envisions and promotes violence.

The admission that “It will be very dangerous,” is a threat against the life of the former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for President.

The provisions of the Baker Act call for involuntary commitment and psychiatric evaluation under these circumstances:


Trump returns to Florida on Monday, 19 September with a rally in Ft. Myers. A licensed professional is obligated to insure the safety of Hillary Clinton by invoking the Baker Act and committing Donald Trump for psychiatric examination.

The law is clear:


Florida is the home of George Zimmerman; it is the site of the country’s worst slaughter of innocents at The Pulse nightclub; and it is a burgeoning community of hate with 58 active groups according to this February news report.


Donald Trump is playing with fire. He is not joking. His remarks cannot be misconstrued. They are calculated to spark violence – violence already seen in his rallies as recently as a week ago in Asheville, NC. His continued presence and his repeated provocations are a danger to the safety of Hillary Clinton and to civil society.

Commit Donald Trump.

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  1. How is it possible for President Trump to be evaluated under The Baker Act? This person has proven to be a danger to others by playing doctor, recommending people to take hydroxychloraquine, and insanely telling people to inject themselves with bleach. He is incapable of making informed decisions for the country and obviously has some mental incapacity as shown during his speeches where he babbles on and on about another tangent. He walks away when he can’t answer questions from the press and is obviously frustrated when any little thing doesn’t go his way. What intelligent person would withdraw from The World Health Organization during a pandemic? Is he going to stay in office until there are no people left alive or is someone with authority going to stop his his white supremacy way of thinking by following in Hitler’s footsteps? We are no longer The “United” States of America….we are back to allowing each state to be on their own and not worry about about anyone else.


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