The nothingburger Comey letter last Friday infuriated Democrats and a handful of Republicans. I’d rather not engage in an endless cycle of “Is it legit?” and “What is its motivation?” rhetoric. The bottom line, recognized by pretty much everybody, is that it’s a last-ditch bomb to benefit the GOP. The Trump people are salivating all over social media and their ring leader is pronouncing it a force akin to Watergate.

Now, all eyes and ears are turned to the Clinton campaign for its final kill revelation.

On the morning after the enigmatic FBI letter, Nate Silver opined on the timing of that coup de grace:

“If the Clinton campaign does have something major on Trump — or even something minor — there’s a lot of art and science involved in when it drops the story. Too soon, and it could get swept beneath the undertow of the FBI story. Too late, and it might look desperate. But one way the campaign could end is with a whole crescendo of major stories dropping. That could make things complicated for pollsters and forecasters.”

Taegan Goddard used Silver’s quote – and only that – for his Political Wire blog entry of the day. Goddard gets away with a freebie here. He can interject a clamorous idea without repercussion since he does not own the idea. Regardless, his feint didn’t deter 206 people who have filled the Comments section with their own predictions.


Citizens have calculated the Clinton opposition bombshell will hit Sunday evening (tonight). Wait! Maybe it will come after the World Series. Or perhaps Tuesday or Thursday. With just nine days remaining until the General Election, the window of opportunity is now a peephole.

And What?

It is the content of the bomb(s) mostly in contention. In this most abusive of presidential cycles, folks have decided Trump’s abuse of women is old news; the market is saturated and desensitized. Most bets are on a hitherto unknown Apprentice tape – one in which Donald “goes on a racist tirade.” Others hope for a revealing hack into his hidden tax returns. And there’s an interesting reference to the “Brazilian investigation,” which looks like a pay-to-play scenario in the making between The Trump Organization and state actors.

Few are naming his Kremlin-Putin connections or his fixation on the use of nuclear weapons, something that gets the Oddworthy Prize from me. Perhaps their storylines are just too complicated for the Undecideds. That same verdict has been passed on David Farenthold‘s Washington Post revelation regarding Trump’s non-existent charitable donations.

But Not If

If you’re an exhausted Clinton supporter though, a romp through the Goddard Comments section is uplifting in its own morbid way. First, there are no deplorables breathing their fetid air into a civil conversation. But mainly, these replies show that voters – regular folks – along with the pundits, reject Trump bigly.

Among the #NeverTrump troops mentioned are Rick Wilson, who tweets out this:

and this:

Wilson, who backs Evan McMullin and calls himself “GOP (for now)” is clearly pointing to a pending, catastrophic bombing campaign with the GOP nominee the likely target.

Even snake oil salesman and former Donald devotee Hugh Hewitt is getting in the game, says one commenter. As is Liz Mair, another in a love/hate war with the GOP and their guy. Mair gained fame back in August while chatting with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Who would’ve thought we’d hear Trump called a “loud-mouthed dick” on live TV? Well, Mair has disavowed us of manners. She did just that while Cooper squeezed his eyes a tad more narrowly to envision the image.

So the campaign has fallen into bombing campaigns that are just shy of a cataclysmic M-A-D scenario. With both candidates suffering from depressed popularity ratings, any new trash talk or opp bomb shelling is likely to devolve into a Helen Caldicott level of psychic numbing. The ramifications will be felt post-election when the talking heads grab the airwaves and begin their inevitable analysis.

But there is nothing to analyze. This election devolved into a weird worship of stupidity and hate and Donald J. Trump engineered the Church of Dirt and prayers of the ignorant. His campaign is a fools paradise.

You can’t fight fools.

The rest of us are the embattled majority. We are weary. We want the shitstorm to stop. We want the storm troopers, the oath keepers, the people in white hoodies, the bandits with their weaponry, the rapists with their threats to please go away.

In the meantime, we’ll have to accept that a few carefully placed bombs may be our only hope.