Deconstructing Michael Moore

Michael Moore, Sanders’ aficionado, film maker, book huckster and purveyor of taunting words managed to tick off Hillary Clinton voters with his “5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Win” website post. I’ve just read his analysis. It can be distilled into a single motif: Bernie Bro. The thesis is equally obvious: Pissed off Bernie Bro. The arguments are nothing more than a rehash of a pissed off Bernie Bro who just can’t let it go.

Here are his five reasons and my short take:

  • Midwest Math, or Welcome to Our Rust Belt Brexit. 

SHORT TAKE: NAFTA and TPP, Kasich, Goldman Sachs and cheese is orange.

  • The Last Stand of the Angry White Man.

SHORT TAKE: Because Beyoncé, femnazis and transgendered in the bathroom.

  • The Hillary Problem.

SHORT TAKE: Because Bernie Sanders lost the primaries, baking cookies and Bernie lost.

  • The Depressed Sanders Vote.

SHORT TAKE: Because Bernie Sanders lost the primaries.

  • The Jesse Ventura Effect.

SHORT TAKE: Because people are “mischievous” when voting.

So there you have it. Move on to political commentary that is not click bait to sell books and an exercise in vindictiveness from a sore loser.


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