The Aftermath: What The Hell Is Happening?

We cannot draw a breath without some new terrorizing fact shoved in our face. We are too busy reacting with repulsion, anger, despair or fantasies of homicide to think clearly for two hours.

What the hell is happening?

I will say one word: Putin. Every report that flies across my screen or pushes itself across my phone, is backgrounded with this man.

The utter disarray of the populace, the shredding of our major parties, the bobbing head of has-been Bernie Sanders and all his anarchists, the appointments of hate-filled men, the wild stories of a part time president-elect with adult kids privy to our top secrets, a VP-elect dead-bolting his email – this is insanity.

The seams are coming apart. Quickly. One man waits. Vladimir Putin.

Get it together America.