The Aftermath: Finding Clarity

If you’re like me, the results of a week ago have cast a grim shadow over your sense of morality, your confidence in this country and hopes for a positive future. That darkness is enough to stultify the best of us. Add to it a flailing anger that has no target and thus, no potency, and the futile yearning for a leader, and our lot turns just this side of desolation.

We can curse – I’ve done plenty of that. We can remove ourselves from the turmoil. We can lash out at the President-elect, his gloating and mean-spirited dark angels. We can condemn the media for enabling this monstrous wreck of a democratic process.

We can hope for some miracle (turning the Electoral College electors) or gravitate toward the rash of reactions (CalExit, MinnExit, The Resistance) cropping up around the country.

We can just leave the country – find sanctuary somewhere that accepts ex-pats, is immune from global and local threats, provides basic services, jobs, an accommodating populace, a survivable economy, and will happily serve as a surrogate for freaked out Americans.

Or we can steel ourselves for the slow and difficult fight to save what we hold dear.

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