New Year’s Resolution — #Fighting Words

My New Year’s Resolution:

To sweep my mind and time clean of all Trump-inspired pundits and supporters so the epidemic they produce leaves my hands free. Donors, friends, colleagues and others have no right anymore to occupy my sentiments. I’m content losing them, starving them for the irrational, vitriolic attention they crave because they are just like him. They put his capitalism first, his lies on a silver platter, and his poison infected every single one of them. So goodbye to the women-haters, the racists, the mean-spirited money-mongers whose minds are twisted and hearts cold as stone. I prefer a scorpion under my skin than five more minutes indulging the antics and rhetoric from them.

Happy New Year. Be strong. Don’t give up your hope or power. We have a community that presses forward, and there’s always power in glorious numbers.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution — #Fighting Words

  1. Well said! I’m with you 110%! Once the inaugural nightmare is over, one none of us intend to witness…we will muster our strength and say The Serenity Prayer often, with a twist. We can’t change the outcome; we have to accept what we can’t change…for now. The day will come, I’m sure of it, that this moron, Trump, will fail and suffer humiliation because he’s ignorant, incompetent and unqualified. Until then, when the rest of America sees what we know, we hold our power within and resist when we can.


  2. A wise plan, Pris. We will have to place a blue wall or white aura or blank space or something between them and ourselves. They are filled with this pompous loathing – and actually, I’m filled with loathing too.

    Honestly, I can’t see my way forward.

    So glad you ended with strength! We need it.

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