Many of us live in the universe of social media where forces hostile to democracy employ millions of bots as propaganda tools. The primary bot platforms – Twitter and Facebook – are at the best, sluggish in combating this disinformation campaign.

Here’s a solution to the ongoing war on our democratic political system. Pay to Play. Make them pay for their propaganda. Institute a user fee for each account on Twitter and Facebook.

For a nominal fee, say $10 a month, every single Twitter and Facebook account will get full access. Those who do not pay this nominal charge are allowed to view but prohibited from participating. No pay, no play. If a user doesn’t pay, he or she cannot tweet or retweet or comment or respond. They have viewing rights only.

Think about it. Immediately, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of fake accounts instantly disappear! Bots are a thing of the past.

People who set up dozens of accounts for the sole purpose of hassling others will face the price of harassment. Literally.

Those of us who use social media responsibly will enter an atmosphere cleansed of rampant disinformation,

Pile-on bullies gone. Bots gone. Political influence campaigns gone. Russian active measures gone.

Communication becomes real exchanges among actual breathing humans.

And to top it off, the social media platforms make a buck. That’s their only reason for existence.


And those who raise a ruckus about this? Well, we’ll know who they are and we’ll understand their protestations are less than pure.

I’m all in. What about you?