Beware the Harvesters: FBR as RU Fish Pond

There’s a thing out there on Twitter with the initials FBR.  I ignored it awhile. Then it started invading my timeline. And all the red flags and whistles of the campaign of 2016 went into full-blown alert status.

Beware the harvesters – even and most especially when they look like your friendly #resistance comrade. Some may be. But that is not the point.

Here is the point: the Russians are here. They have a single aim – to weaken or destroy our democratic system. They will disrupt our electoral system. They will weaken those who resist. They will attack the strongest among us. They will do it through infiltration, through misinformation, through doubt and confusion, false tales, division, faux friends, rabbit holes and rat fuckers.


The Russians are here. They are slapping a #Resist banner on their profiles and sliding into the ranks of those of us who are legitimately fighting against their influence. They are infiltrating with the same deviousness as Nikolaus Cruz merged with the students fleeing Parkland HS.

Why give them an edge? Why create lists for them? They will use these FBR lists to identify legitimate accounts for future attacks. They will follow these accounts to create credibility. They will sow discord at crucial moments to weaken our convictions. They want to splinter and crash what is the most powerful enemy of the Kremlin: the Democrats and the Resistance. They are taking their positions now and they will become more apparent as the Midterms near.

Here are the Russians – these popped up immediately after the recent Mueller indictment under hashtag #Russians:

We have to be smarter than the Russians. We have to outwit them. We have to think strategically.


Do not invite the enemy into your home.

Stop the “Follow Back Resist” (FBR) harvesting.

On my part, I will Block accounts that initiate these FBR actions. Consider it a tactical response, a form of self defense. I’ve been through this before. We lost a President. I am not going to lose my country because people are unwilling to understand how propaganda works or who shrug their shoulders over these legitimate concerns. We are under attack. We lost the last war. I will do my damnest to avert the complete takeover of the country. If it means blocking nice, but unwitting fools, so be it.


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