Index: Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Primary

My very first post related to Bernie Sanders was a plea to Democrats. We have to defeat Sanders, I insisted. I detailed how my call violated the “Vote Blue No Matter Who” meme. I discussed the ugliness of his campaign, the potential for infiltration in his camp by hostile forces and concluded with this sentiment.

As far as I’m concerned, the Unite Blue strategy is a hoax. We are wasting valuable time in our politeness. And while we preserve this false unity, our opponent is gathering strength. We cannot afford to play nice.

That was January 2016. Over the next year or so, I continued to record the development of the Sanders campaign, morphing from Unite Blue to Bernie Or Bust, engaging in nasty tricks and division, lawsuits and hate. I wrote thousands of words, tracking the blot and smear of its existence.

At the same time, I monitored the peculiarities and FEC violations of the campaign’s official PAC, concluding with an Index.

My final observation on candidate Sanders came months after the electoral win of Donald Trump. In this post, I fused together the similarities of the two, concluding that Sanders was Putin Phase I and Trump is Putin Phase II.

Here for my readers’ convenience is a compilation of my thoughts on the 2016 Sanders campaign.

Study the past if you would define the future.
― Confucius

April 2017

THE DARK HORSE: Why the #RussiaGate Investigation Must Start with Bernie Sanders

July 2016

JAM-PAC: The 2-Person Grassroots Coalition Suing the DNC

June 2016

Banned Big-Mouth Berners
Berners Say the Dumbest Things!
About the California Primary
Bernie – The Candidate Un-Americans Love

May 2016

Bernie Sleeps During Memorial Day Ceremony
Bernie And His Millenials
Violence in Nevada from Sanders’ Delegates
Here’s Why Plouffe Calls It “Fraud”

April 2016

Jill Stein Calls For “Solidarity” With Bernie Sanders
Bernie Gets the Boot as a Socialist Party Ticket Emerges
The War Campaign of Bernie Sanders
Tad Devine’s Domino Theory of Victory
REDUX REVOLUTION Pt 2: Sanders, Alinsky and the False Campaign
This Pope Won’t Play
Burn it Down! Sanders and the Politics of Illusion
The Watch List and All That Jazz
Heads Up Hillary Supporters – You’re on a Watch List
What Happened at the Clark County Convention?
The Good Ole Boys: Bernie’s Insular Campaign

March 2016

Idaho Sex Offender Appears Linked to Sanders Fundraising
The Bitter Mind of Bernard
REDUX REVOLUTION: Sanders, Alinsky and the False Campaign\
Bernie’s Digital Gangs: They Don’t Get Mad, They Get Even!
Day of Reckoning for Sanders
Bernie’s Senate Re-Election Bid Active


Bernie’s Failed Revolution


Bernie’s DMR Interview: Ideology As Answer
A Primer for Bernie
Strange Strategy



  1. Unvetted Bernie Sanders is misogynist, racist, has always voted against immigration, voted no on the Russia sanctions bill. The only no vote at 76-1 currently. Sanders is no different than Trump, he’ll only vote for himself. First, a do nothing in Congress, then he moves over to the Senate to do less.
    A vote for Bernie Sanders is a selfish act: an indulgence of a fantasy, an impractical, high-minded quixotic vision for an America that can never exist; it would be like striking a match against a damp surface.”


  2. I am in total agreement with you Grace. Sanders is going to run again in 2020 and that is going to be a sorry day for Democrats if he ever wins the nomination, it will be the first time in my life I do not vote in a presidential election. He is a major part of the reason Hillary lost to Trump and I feel quite certain he loved every minute of it.


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