We Need Midterm Twitter Marshals


The Midterm elections are upon us. We must organize ourselves on social media as aware and informed Americans. We cannot have a repeat of the 2016 campaign where disinformation and online bullying sapped our spirit and momentum and where media outlets presented biased “news” without push back.

We have to act. We have to act in concert. We have to counter false narratives, expose liars and present accurate information.

This plea is directed to anyone whose goal is to replace the Republican Congress and state offices with can-do, electable candidates.

How can you help?

Choose one or two of the categories below to monitor and report. Invite verified friends to join you in your effort. Be committed and consistent in your activity. Stay focused!

Twitter Marshal Categories with Hashtags

  1. Countering Disinformation: Expose false narratives by media outlets, disinformation campaigns by hostile agents. When possible, counter myth with fact. #Disinfo
  2. Bot Blockers: Identify, report and block bots. #BotBuster
  3. Troll Patrol: Identify, report and block trolls. Start with your Followers. Many are embedded from the mass #FBR recruitments.  #TrollPatrol
  4. Authoritarian Watch: Be a guardian of democracy.  #Guardians
  5. Breaking News/News Tips: Report verifiable news as it emerges; provide news tips to credible news outlets and journalists. Shape the narrative and influence the media. #Breaking
  6. The Mueller Investigation: Report on progress and new avenues of investigation. Keep to the facts. Keep watch on efforts to disempower the investigation. #Mueller #SpecialCounsel #RussiaGate #KremlinGate
  7. The Democrats / Republicans / Congress: Track comments and activity by current members of Congress. #CongressWatch
  8. State-by-State Elections / Political Action: Identify candidates, promote campaigns. #BlueWave #PurpleWave #WinBlue #FlipItBlue

Make your resistance mean something! Own the internet.

~Add your two cents~

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