Favorite Hillary Portraits

TIME Magazine published a wonderful photo spread called The Hillary Clinton Sessions: The Stories Behind the Greatest Portraits, and it is a breath of fresh air for all of us who are forced to view the perverted images by her haters that populate Google searches.

I am reproducing my top five favorites.

MY FAVORITE.  2011: Photo by Martin Schoeller in Washington for The New Yorker
2000. Hillary Clinton in New York City for New York Magazine. Photo by Mary Ellen Mark.
Marco Grob, portrait photographer, who shot Clinton in Washington for TIME on Oct. 26, 2009: “For me, being a European, Clinton looked like American royalty. She exuded opulence and power, with a posture and pose that reminded me of renaissance paintings.”
Platon, photographer, who shot Clinton in New York for the New York Times Magazine on Sept. 12, 2005.
Deborah Feingold, photographer, who shot Clinton in Little Rock, Ark. for Redbook in January 1993: “We were shooting her for a cover of Redbook. She was on her way (literally!) to the White House with Bill who was to begin serving as president. We were shooting in her home in Little Rock, Ark., where we had the pleasure of meeting Socks, their cat, who moved with them into the White House. What I love about these images is that she was one of the kindest, friendliest subjects I have ever photographed. Contrary to public opinion, I found her to be open, funny, kind and so easy to speak with. These pictures portray the woman that I met and a shoot I will always remember.”



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