CoreCivic – The #BabyJail Maker

CoreCivic HQ in Nashville, TN
CoreCivic HQ in Nashville, TN – Google Maps

Forty-six companies and 165 people are associated with the building shown above, and nearly every enterprise is in the business of private jails and detention centers. In the last few weeks, the multilevel office space located at 10 Burton Hills Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37215 has surfaced as one of the major beneficiaries of the Trump family separation policy.


CoreCivic (NYSE:CXW) is the most publicly identifiable of these businesses, and the man named as the key player is Damon T. Hininger, who acts as the CEO and president of CoreCivic and its affiliated companies, which range from dental and medical services at detention centers to the actual detention facilities.

In its most updated quarterly report, CoreCivic claimed it was “the nation’s largest owner of partnership correctional, detention and residential reentry facilities,” and “the largest private owner of real estate used by government agencies.”

According to the most recent Bloomberg report, Hininger, the man running this web of private prisons, earned over $2 million for his endeavors. In 2011, Forbes tagged him as one of the most powerful CEOs under age 40. Hininger currently serves as the director of the Nashville Chamber and occasionally writes op-ed columns pushing inmate education. Last August he was quoted in Business Insider as lamenting the crackdown in illegal border crossings, a fact that hurt the bottom line of his various businesses.

In CoreCivic’s first quarter report for 2018, Hininger reported “total revenue for CoreCivic Safety in the first quarter of 2018 was $404.5 million compared with $418.7 million in the first quarter of 2017.”

One of the reasons for that drop in revenue? According to Hininger, it was “the unprecedented surge in ICE detainee populations in the prior year quarter that did not recur in the first quarter of 2018, which resulted in a reduction to revenue of $5.9 million.”

In other words, illegal immigration dropped and that negatively impacted CoreCivic’s bottom line.

The crisis manufactured by the Trump zero tolerance policy and the resultant imprisonment of thousands of minors and their parents is just the boost Hininger and his company of jails need for a surge in revenue.

The Company is a diversified government solutions company with the scale and experience needed to solve tough government challenges in flexible cost-effective ways. We provide a broad range of solutions to government partners that serve the public good through corrections and detention management, government real estate solutions, and a growing network of residential reentry centers to help address America’s recidivism crisis. We are a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT) and the nation’s largest owner of partnership correctional, detention and residential reentry facilities. We also believe we are the largest private owner of real estate used by government agencies. (Highlights added) – CoreCivic 2018 First Quarter Report

Aerial view of CoreCivic




    1. Exactly. Capitalism run amok. This also shows there is a direct line linking Trump-Congress-ICE-Core Civic and the Family Separation policy. This was planned in advance, funded by Congress and then put in motion by Trump.


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