Manafort Trial Must Read: 377Union

Paul Manafort’s brownstone at 377 Union Street in Brooklyn, NY.


More than a little curious about the trial of Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump? Have a penchant for getting in the weeds with his real estate deals? Admire the work of citizen journalists?

Then you must immediately go to the 377Union blog, capture it in your favorites, and peruse it at your leisure.

The site is the brainchild of Julian Russo and Matthew Termine, two New York attorneys who dug into Manafort’s dizzying web of real estate transactions, mortgage loans and offshore accounts, an effort that should earn them offices with the Special Counsel’s team. The two were first to uncover the connection between Paul Manafort and a potential gig at the Trump White House for Stephen Calk. Their expose came well before mainstream media woke to the Manafort shenanigans.

Each post is organized into a neat timeline and documented with links to primary source documents and news reports.

Two days after Manafort was indicted by the grand jury, 377Union posted a thorough update on their research. This is probably a good starting point for readers.

Termine and Russo have a Twitter presence as does 377Union.

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