Manafort Trial Day 4 Preview

MANAFORT ASSOCIATE AND TRUMP CAMPAIGN AIDE RICK GATES. Gates, who is cooperating with the Special Counsel, was a member of the Trump transition team and may testify on Day 4 of the Manafort trial.

This could be a newsworthy day, as the prosecution has hinted Rick Gates could take the stand.

The former deputy of Paul Manafort and Trump campaign official has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the Special Counsel. His direct testimony could nail Manafort, particularly if it is backed up by documentation. And Mueller’s team has plenty of evidence.

At the conclusion of Day 3, the prosecution has presented witnesses to illustrate how Manafort used offshore bank accounts to pay for an extravagant lifestyle, apparently falsified numerous bank documents, created fake, duplicate invoices and lied to his accountants about his IRS filings.

Day 4 will start with the continuation of Phillip Aycliff’s testimony. In addition to Gates, the following persons on Mueller’s list of 35 witnesses have yet to testify:


  • Hesham Ali
  • James Brennan*
  • Donna Duggan*
  • Cindy LaPorta*
  • Amanda Metzler
  • Conor O’Brien*
  • Dennis Raico*
  • Taryn Rodriquez
  • Gary Seferian
  • Michael Welch


  • Richard Gates
  • Alex Trusco


  • Darin Evenson – Airnb
  • Irfan Kirimca – NY Yankees


  • John Day
  • Melinda James
  • Paula Liss
  • Morgan Magionos
  • Peggy Miceli
  • Renee Michael
  • Stacey Sullivan

* Granted immunity

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