How I Would Save America


My rescue plan is based on the premise that Vladimir Putin (and his agents) launched a cyber attack on the United States in the Fall of 2016.

The attack encompassed major servers for nearly every major online website, the White House, Department of Defense Cyber Division (DC3) and significant power grids throughout the country. It’s likely that some aspects of the intelligence community, specifically the FBI, was also compromised. This was no less than a full-scale war via the Internet.

Putin won.

The consequences: President Obama surrendered. Hillary Clinton lost. And Putin’s puppet Donald Trump was installed as POTUS.

As cyber warfare, the malicious takeover of the entities named above (and likely many more) remains in effect. We as a country are at the mercy of Putin and the threat of any number of dreadful possibilities: killing the internet, shutting down power grids in Los Angeles or New York, cutting off communication between air traffic controllers and commercial airlines, freezing our military arsenal and removing our ability to respond to a physical attack.

With this as the current status of the country, my rescue plan is narrowed down to those areas of Putin influence.

Here’s what I’d do. All actions must be done simultaneously and without warning.

  1. Institute martial law in Washington, DC under the aegis of General “Mad Dog” Mattis.
  2. All members of Congress, their aides, staffers and visitors would be placed under protective custody. Specific foreign diplomats would be placed under protective custody.
  3. Both chambers of Congress and all federal offices with command and control capability would be hermetically sealed. These structures would be scanned for eavesdropping devices and any such devices would be destroyed.
  4. The White House would be sealed. Every member of the Executive branch, the Cabinet, aides, support staff, family members and visitors would be placed under protective custody. This includes the president and his family, the vice president and his family and all other members of the Executive branch.
  5. All electronic devices would be removed from the above people and selectively replaced with secure devices. All devices would be forensically examined for any hostile influences (malware, suspicious communications from suspicious characters, etc.) and cleansed/purged/deleted or destroyed.
  6. At the same time, pre-designed solutions to thwart Russian malware would be implemented. Malicious agents would be effectively countered and/or removed.
  7. While all this occurs, our military cyber command would be on high alert, prepared to digitally attack the Russian command structure, communications framework, and infrastructure with the assistance of our allies.

This coordinated response must be shrouded in extreme secrecy. There are government actors at the highest level who are complicit in the Putin takeover. Any knowledge of this counter attack  – even a hint of it – must be walled off, and upon completion, these individuals must face the consequences of their betrayal.

I am no expert when it comes to cyber warfare or malicious agents or subterfuge or the capabilities of DC3. My plan surely has deficiencies. It sounds ludicrous to some, like anarchy to others, but many will nod their heads in agreement.

We were attacked. We are collectively prisoners of war. The rules have changed. Our survival is at stake. We have to fight. This is the essence of resistance.

I started this post a year ago, and like many of my blog articles, it was difficult to complete. I am exhausted with the assault that is Donald Trump and the rapid disintegration of this great idea of democracy.

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  1. I just discovered your blog today and really enjoy it. I totally agree with you about what happened. I recall on election night watching a video from Obama, which in itself I thought was strange. In the video Obama is basically trying to calm fears and said to remember that the sun will still rise the next day, etc.

    What I remember most about that video is the feeling I had while watching it. I felt that he had been coerced into doing it and I was frightened. I just picked up a weird vibe and haven’t been able to shake it. I’ve not been able to find it online and the few people I’ve mentioned it to didn’t recall seeing it.

    Did you see it by chance? Your post evokes the terror I felt that night and it makes perfect sense.


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