No Votes for 2020

With such a heaping of potential candidates running in 2020, it helps to narrow the focus, even if it seems contrary to open-mindedness. But there are established deal-breakers that make the job easier for me.

Five of these possible candidates will not be getting my vote in the Democratic primaries for the next President. Most of my decisions are based on a mix of observation and recoil – a personal choice rather than the result of any deep political strategizing.

Likewise, there are a few people who stand out as genuinely worthy of my support. That’s another post. And there are others – lots of them if we believe the media – in the shadows, slowly emerging. Right now, I have little to no info about this group to cast a vote. Maybe that will be another post.

Here’s the list of No Votes.

  • Bernie Sanders. He is not a Democrat. He is an all-talk, do-nothing, Trump sycophant-in-hiding and I detest him and his deliberate undermining of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton in 2016.
  • Any Candidate Endorsed by Bernie Sanders, “Our Revolution” or Otherwise Associated With Bernie Sanders.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand. I liked her passion, her principles and her pledge to support Hillary Clinton until she stabbed Hillary in the back. Then, she used the #MeToo movement as a guillotine to decapitate Al Franken and Bill Clinton, one without benefit of a Senate Ethics hearing for dubious charges decades old and the other for mutually consensual sexual acts between adults. Gillibrand showed her passion is undisciplined and her principles too pure for pragmatic purposes. Her decision to trash both the Clinton’s shows a flawed sense of loyalty or an opportunistic bent that eschews loyalty. That to me is a danger sign.
  • Elizabeth Warren. She’s a strong, purposeful woman with a record of persistent attacks on those entities Too Big To Fail. But when she gleefully embraced Hillary Clinton and then scornfully condemned her post-election, that ruined her record and her reputation. It reminded me that Warren was originally a registered Republican before switching to a Democrat. Warren will be more effective in the Senate with Gillibrand.
  • Joe Biden. I don’t believe Joe wants to run. His heart is broken. He is a good soldier and will go on the road and rally the crowds if called upon but I don’t believe he will ever enter the race as a candidate. There’s also the Anita Hill hearing, and yes, this will be dredged up.
  • Michael Avenatti. Nope, nope and nope. Avenatti’s brand is too abrasive and pugnacious. I was fine with him trashing Trump, challenging Trump and defending Stormy Daniels but now all that is frayed and irrelevant. I do not think Trump will be in the running for 2020. So there’s no need for a counter bully (who wants a bully anyway?). And there is Avenatti’s suspiciously flawed financial dealings with Stormy and his law firm – bad signs for campaigns in the era of intense oppo research. But even if that factor was missing, and this should be at the top of the list, he has zero political experience. How is he even qualified?

There you go – five down, another dozen or so maybes and a few worthy opponents as definite Yes votes. 2020 will be exciting times. And that’s the point. Bottom line – GOTV.


  1. Thanks Pris, and thanks for reading. I almost added Beto but did a little more research. Didn’t realize he held a seat in the U.S. House, so he’s in my Maybe column. Who are you rooting for?


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