The Art of the Heel: Trump’s Pathology in Action
Ruins of a neighborhood in Paradise CA after the Camp Fire in November 2018.

Hours before Donald Trump tried to bribe Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her Senate colleague Chuck Schumer with candy in the Oval Office, he threatened Pelosi’s home state and its 39 million inhabitants.

Tweeting at 10:25am, Trump lambasted Califoria for not following his Finnish raking advice and threatened to shut off FEMA funds to wildfire victims.

Stunts like this may have frightened business competitors or small fry litigants but they did not work with Nancy Pelosi. Once again, Donald asked for his wall. Once again, Speaker Pelosi said “No.” And Donald, the blackguard occupant of the Oval Office, flashed his trump card. It was all that remained. Anger. Donald puffed up and strode out of the room in high dudgeon, abandoning all negotiations.

The Art of the Heel – act with cruelty, react with rancor, stomp out to save face.


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