Following #TrumpRussia? Here’s Help


There are people without bylines in national newspapers or name recognition on cable talk shows who nonetheless have worked indefagatibly to expose the dark connections between Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and the treachery shaking our country. Others have indeed the eyed the camera and dared to speak the truth from Day 1. Still others are sharing legal documents amassed during the waning days of this administration and framing the steps of criminal justice.

If you desire immersion in this historic passage in our country, then I recommend adding the folks below to your Twitter followers. You’ll find that many reinforce each other, some work in tandem and many are knee deep in the weeds, uncovering dirty secrets, elusive ties, convuluted transactions and the heart-breaking betrayal of our country.

In no particular order, check out:

Molly Jong-Fast
Christine Pelosi
Grege Olear
Julie Lauman
Craig Unger
Dirk Schwenk
Jennifer Cohn
Defendant 1
Anna Massoglia
Asha Rangappa
Moscow Project
Scott Stedman
Big Cases Bot
Venture Capital
Lincoln’s Bible
Sarah Kendzior


I know there are more and I’ll add them as I find them.

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