Mueller’s Strategy: No Sentences, No Pardons

We should not be surprised. But at least now it is confirmed. Trump and at least one of his cronies at the Department of Justice is drawing up paperwork for Executive pardons. The news came straight from the pony’s mouth.

Here’s Matt Whitaker, Trump’s Acting Attorney General, giving a surprisingly straight answer at yesterday’s House Judiciary meeting.

Trump is working on pardons – as in multiple pardons. The likely beneficiaries include Paul Manafort (who’s kept mum), The Kids (Junior, Eric and Ivanka) and Jared Kushner. Michael Flynn is a big maybe (he’s already singing to the Special Counsel) as is Alan Weisselberg, the man who may hold more dark secrets than even Michael Cohen. Other contenders include Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s TV lawyer, and perhaps Whitaker, whose arrogance at the hearing displayed contempt for consequences… the list goes on and on and no doubt, one of the papers will have the name of Donald J. Trump.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller expects this – he is always several steps ahead of this administration. So, in addition to gathering evidence, presenting to grand juries and getting indictments, Mueller will be strategizing. How can he ensure that the criminals face justice?

Consider this: if the panoply of liars and thieves and con men are not officially sentenced, then they cannot be officially pardoned.

Now ponder these delays and postponements:

  • 18 December 2018: Michael Flynn‘s sentencing delayed; the court will be updated on his status sometime in March 2019.
  • 2 February 2019: Paul Manafort‘s sentencing delayed until 13 March 2019.
  • 4 February 2019: Rick Gates‘ sentencing delayed; the court will be updated on his status no later than 15 March 2019.
  • 6 February 2019: Michael Cohen‘s testimony postponed until 28 February 2019.
  • 9 February 2018: Maria Butina‘s sentencing court date delayed until 26 February 2019.

Mueller cannot indefinitely postpone all these sentencing dates. But he is orchestrating a crescendo, starting at the end of this month and peaking in mid-March. Michael Cohen’s public testimony is set prior to his jail date on 6 March. This looks like the first bombshell to fall on the wider public with blasts following throughout March. Each time a sentence is delivered, a flurry of news will flood the airwaves, painting a narrative and convincing America of the grievous harm caused by the agents of this administration. Oh, the things we’ll learn. The shock waves like earthquakes. Poll numbers for Trump will flatline. Congress will be flooded with calls. Citizens will demand the ultimate price: impeachment.

Should this be the plan, then April will be the cruelest month for this administration.

Please let it be so.


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