Court Order RE: Jeffrey Epstein

The whole thing is grotesque. A billionaire rapes underaged girls for sport. When he’s caught, the guy flexes his money muscle and buys off the prosecution, the U.S. attorney for South Florida.

That guy is Jeffrey Epstein, pictured above with his old friend Donald Trump. The South Florida attorney was Alexander Acosta, who is also Trump’s buddy and the current Secretary of Labor.

It took a decade but finally, spurred by superb reporting by Julie K. Brown with the Miami-Herald, Epstein’s easy manipulation of the prosecutor’s office and his violation of his victim’s legal rights was upheld by a court.

The chronology of events is spelled out. We see Epstein’s horrific sexual violations and sex trafficking, his solicitations and his invitation to friends and their participation in his criminal proclivities.

What comes next? We’ll find out around March 8th.



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