This Is No Government. It’s A Mob.

Someone asserted recently that the U.S. media must stop viewing Donald J. Trump’s administration as a legitimate government and frame it as a mafia organization. A team of writers/researchers have done just that at the site Citizen Journalists Consortium (CitJourno).  Here, a team has compiled open-source research to draw a frightening picture of Trump and his linkage with American and Russian mob bosses.

I’ve included an excerpt and a video from the site as a taste of those connections. Visit CitJourno for the full impact of what we and Robert Mueller are facing.

The below video is a timeline representation of our research into Donald Trump’s life as a money-laundering front for organized crime: from American mafia to Russian. Every item – every Donald Trump project or event that we’re presenting here as mob-connected is SOURCED.

You can pause it to read more closely. You can also go to the bibliography section on this site to see an interactive version of the timeline and explore our sources. They include legal documents, law enforcement reports, intelligence reports, financial statements, and great investigative journalism.

We’ve included some key trips to Russia (both Donald and his family), with the inference that these were not un-productive jaunts. Donald’s ties to Semion are old and long-held.

Take it all in. This is our President. Watch…

The Evolution of Donald Trump and the Mob from Cit Journo on Vimeo.


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