Bribes, Kickbacks, the Chinese Communist Party and Cindy Yang

Bringing this up for a superficial look in lieu of the Cindy Yang revelations that started with the Miami Herald and just keep unfolding.

The snippet below is from Christopher Steele’s dossier with a direct reference to Trump’s commerce with China, which involved “large bribes and kickbacks.”

China bribes
The multiple trademarks awarded to Ivanka Trump’s businesses immediately come to mind, as well as the unsettling manner in which Trump immediately withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, his wild tariff war with China to the detriment of U.S. farmers and manufacturers, and his laissez-faire attitude about the escalating tensions in the South China Sea.

yang group

Now, there’s Cindy Yang and her unfettered access to Trump and all manner of Republican elected officials. Yang, who founded the string of “rub and tug” massage salons in South Florida, also has a history with the Florida branch of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification (CPPRC), a pro-Beijing lobbying group that opposes the independence of Taiwan. The CPPRC has chapters in multiple countries.

According to a 2018 article written by James Dotson and published at The Jamestown Foundation, this group is a platform for the Chinese Communist Party. Dotson found that the CPPRC leadership structure “is directly subordinate to the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department (UFWD).”

Says Dotson:

“Thus far, the efforts of NACPU to cultivate American politicians appear to be modest, and well within the conventional bounds of what U.S. civil associations might do to influence political leaders. It has, for example, provided Congressional offices with free copies of books providing a pro-PRC slant on cross-Strait issues and sent letters opposing draft Congressional resolutions that would criticize Beijing’s crackdowns on ethnic unrest in Tibet and other areas.

Looks like that analysis may be changing with the advent of Cindy Yang.

Stay tuned.

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