Find Legal Docs at Big Cases Bot

Avid followers of the Special Counsel investigation, federal court cases that touch on any number of offspring related to this probe as well as other high-profile cases, meet Big Cases Bot (@big_cases). 

Its Twitter feed brings court filings in real-time with links to DocumentCloud or PACER to view the entire document.

Here’s a full explanation from its GitHub page:

The bot uses PACER RSS feeds to gather the latest filings from 74 U.S. District Courts and five federal courts of appeals and stores the docket entries in a database. It matches new filings against a preselected list of major cases, scrapes matching documents from PACER, uploads them to both a DocumentCloud project and the RECAP archive, then posts the results on Twitter.

Note that some federal district courts — including those in the Eastern District of Virginia, the District of Maryland and the District of Hawaii — have elected not to publish an RSS feed from their dockets. As a result, Big Cases can’t follow cases in those districts. Most federal courts of appeal also do not publish RSS feeds of new docket entries.

(A separate part of the bot gathers docket information from the U.S. Supreme Court’s electronic filing system.)

Big Cases Bot is a project of Brad Heath, the DC Justice and Investigations Editor of USA Today.

This is an excellent resource for primary legal source material.


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