The Justice League Photo and a Talking Fed Heads Podcast

Aah yes, my favorite legal eagles, the unparalleled pentagon! My attention snaps to when I hear the voice of any one of these folks, so hungry am I to their legal analysis and advice on whatever matter dominates the day.

This personal photo was posted by Barb McQuade on 12 March and shows (l-r): Former FBI Assistant Director; NBC News National Security Contributor FRANK FIGGLIUZZI; UMich Law Professor, NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst, former U.S. Attorney, BARBARA McQUADE; UAlabama Law Professor, MSNBC Contributor, former U.S. Attorney and federal prosecutor JOYCE VANCE; NBC News and MSNBC Contributor, Speaker and Watergate prosecutor JILL WINE-BANKS; and MSNBC Justice & Security Analyst MATTHEW MILLER.

Speaking of hearing voices… be the first in line for the Talking Feds Podcast, teased out by Harry Litman at the same time as McQuade’s photo. Litman will produce the podcast, which has yet to air its first show. Reason dictates that the fine minds in the group photo will likely be among the first talking head feds. Its producer also bears credentials as a practicing attorney, constitutional law professor at UCSD and UCLA, Washington Post writer and former U.S. Attorney and Deputy Assistant Attorney General.

The Talking Feds will feature four former feds on each show for a “no-holds barred discussion of the most important issues in DOJ and Congressional investigations,” says Litman. “The way prosecutors really talk.”

Hmmm… do they know something we don’t?


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