Two of Six FEC Commissioners Are MIA

As the 2020 Presidential campaign rapidly escalates, the federal agency that regulates its candidates campaign finance lags behind with two of its six Commissioners MIA.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) mandated with “protecting the integrity of the campaign finance process,” is currently composed of holdovers who’ve outlasted their original six-year terms. Of the four sitting Commisioners, two are Republicans, one is a Democrat and one, Independent.


According to Ballotpedia, the commissioners are Senate-confirmed after being appointed by the president. The term for each is six years with two new commisioners up for appointment every two years. Partisanship is strictly legislated out of the FEC by requiring no more than three members of the same political party. Proposals require a four-vote minimum for passage. Chairs are term-limited to one year aand one term while serving on the commission.

However, with the current makeup, the Republican Party holds two seats, versus one Democrat and one Independent. This current structure could easily result in a 2-2 impasse when it comes to votes, making the commission essentially impotent.

One missing commissioner is tied up in the U.S. Senate, where he has languished in committee since January 1, 2019. That nominee is Republican lawyer James E. Trainor III of Texas, whose term would expire April 30, 2023.

A review of the Senate’s Nominations does not show a second nominee to fill the FEC Commissioners to full capacity, which implies Trump has not appointed that sixth individual, who would either be an Independent or a Democrat.


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