The 81: A Legend


The expansive request for documents from 81 individuals and entities by the House Judiciary is a who’s who of questionable characters and convicted criminals associated with Donald J. Trump. The mix also includes government agencies and corporations, both foreign and domestic.

The documents’ request extends to a familiar litany of names and can be broadly divided into three main categories: Trump Entities and Principals, the Trump Campaign and the Trump Administration. A number of individuals overlap categories. While both Trump sons are named, daughter Ivanka is absent. She is not overlooked though. As a heavy-handed organizer of Trump’s Inaugural Committee, Ivanka Trump will definitely come under the purview of the House Judiciary.

Representative Jerrold Nadler, the head of the Judiciary committee, says his committee’s call for documents will focus on campaign finance violations, corruption and abuse of power. Nadler explained that his job is to “protect the rule of law” and that “impeachment is a long way down the road.” However, those words bely the scope of the requests as they cover every aspect of Trump’s culpability and must inevitably build a case for impeachment.

Below are the individuals and entities with brief descriptions. Where warranted, I included a link or two for more information.


  • Alan Garten: Executive vice president and general counsel for the Trump Organization.
  • Allen Weisselberg: Chief financial officer for the Trump Organization; possibly cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.
  • Donald Trump Jr.: The eldest son, who enjoys killing wild animals for sport, snarking at intelligent people and changing the hair on his face. Named after the current occupant of the White House.
  • Donald J Trump Revocable Trust: Created in 2014 with Donald Trump, Jr and Alan Weisselburg as Trustees; updated 17 January 2017. View the legal document here.
  • Eric Trump: The younger son whose sole attribute is not carrying his father’s full name. He also relishes the slaughter of beautiful wild animals and playing with the hair on his face.
  • Matthew Calamari: Chief Operating Officer of the Trump Organization; one of three company employees noted by Michael Cohen in his House testimony as privy to aleged insurance fraud. MORE HERE.
  • Michael Cohen: One time fixer/attorney whose cooperation with Congressional committees and the Special Counsel earned him the moniker of “rat” from the current occupant of the White House. Convicted of perjury.
  • Ronald Lieberman: Executive vice president in charge of management and development at the Trump Organization; under scrutiny following Michael Cohen’s recent testimony.
  • Trump Foundation: Founded in 1988 as a 501 (c) 3 charity; in the process of dissolving following an agreement with the NY Attorney General and finding of a “shocking pattern of illegalities.” MORE HERE.
  • Trump Organization: The family business of Donald J. Trump, based in Manhattan and under investigation on many fronts. The value of its businesses is unknown because its sole owner has a proven history of lying about his revenues and net worth and refuses to show his tax returns.


  • Alexander Nix: Former CEO of Cambridge Analytica, accused of stealing personal data through Facebook during the 2016 presidential election.
  • American Media Inc.: Parent company of The National Enquirer.
  • Anatoli Samochornov: Russian-born American translator present at the Trump Tower meeting. MORE HERE.
  • Andrew Intrater: Managing Director of Columbus Nova. SEE BELOW.
  • Brad Parscale: Digital media director for the 2016 Trump Campaign and 2020 Campaign manager. Connected to Cambridge Analytica. MORE HERE.
  • Brittany Kaiser: Former Cambridge Analytica director. MORE HERE.
  • Cambridge Analytica: Data mining enterprise implicated for its shady practices during the 2016 presidential campaign. MORE HERE.
  • Carter Page: Former Trump Campaign advisor with alleged ties to Russia. MORE HERE.
  • Christopher Bancroft Burnham: Chair and CEO of Cambridge Global Capital, LLC, headquartered in Washington, D.C.
  • Columbus Nova: US investment firm with close ties to a Russian oligarch that made payments to Michael Cohen. MORE HERE.
  • Concord Management and Consulting: Owned by Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin, the Russian oligarch known as ‘Putin’s chef’ and the funding source for a massive Russian conspiracy to defraud the United States as detailed in a 38-page indictment filed September 2018 with the EDVA. MORE HERE.
  • Corey Lewandowski: former Trump Campaign manager reputedly fired at the demand of Ivanka Trump. MORE HERE.
  • David Pecker: Former senior editor of The National Enquirer and Trump friend implicated in cash-and-kill operations during the Campaign to protect Trump’s reputation; reportedly granted immunity. MORE HERE and HERE.
  • Dylan Howard: Vice president and Chief Content Officer at American Media; reportedly granted immunity in claims involving Michael Cohen and Donald Trump and cash-and-kill schemes during the Trump Campaign; reportedly granted immunity. MORE HERE.

  • Felix Sater: A Russian-born mobster, convicted felon and Trump Organization employee who allegedly worked with Michael Cohen on the Trump Tower Moscow project during the Campaign. Sater is reputedly a source in the Steele dossier and was also an FBI informant. Sater is scheduled to publicly testify before Congress on 27 March 2019. MORE HERE.
  • George Nader: Interviewed by the Special Counsel in relation to a secret meeting between Erik Prince and agents of Russia and the UAE in the Seychilles in January 2017. Nader is a convicted pedophile. MORE HERE.
  • George Papadopoulos: Trump Campaign advisor with ties to Russia; pled guilty to perjury and served a 14-day sentence. MORE HERE.
  • Irakly Kaveladze: U.S. citizen born in the former Soviet Georgia, VP of Crocus, a business of the Russian Agalarov family; present during the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting; worked with the Agalarov‘s in money laundering cases tied to the KGB. MORE HERE.
  • J.D. Gordon: Former Trump Campaign aide for national security who interacted with alleged Russian spy Maria Butina. MORE HERE.
  • Jason Maloni: Spokesperson for former Trump Campaign chairman Paul Manafort.
  • Jerome Corsi: A 72 year-old writer, talk show host and conspiracy theorist embroiled in the Russia probe after email surfaced between he and Roger Stone in which the two coordinated the release of stolen email by WikiLeaks. MORE HERE.
  • John Szobocsan: Partner of Peter Smith, deceased; both paid to find Hillary Clinton email. MORE HERE.
  • Julian Assange: One of the founders of WikiLeaks, in hiding for years in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London; under sealed indictment; connected to Trump allies Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi and identified by the American intel community as a Russian operative. MORE HERE.
  • Julian David Wheatland: CEO of Cambridge Analytica.
  • Keith Davidson: A CA lawyer who handled the hush money agreements with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal between Michael Cohen, AMA and Donald J. Trump. MORE HERE.
  • Matt Tait: Cybersecurity expert approached by Peter Smith during 2016 election with a job offer to vet hacked emails of Hillary Clinton; interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. MORE HERE and HERE.
  • Michael Caputo: Former Trump Campaign aide and talk show guest.
  • National Rifle Association: Gun rights lobbying organization recently implicated in Russian influence operation involving Maria Butina. MORE HERE.
  • Paul Erickson: GOP operative in a relationship with Russian agent Maria Butina; Erickson was indicted and pled guilty to fraud charges involving the National Rifle Association. MORE HERE.
  • Paul Manafort: Former Trump Campaign chairman and illegal lobbyist for Russian-backed Ukranian president; convicted in two separate federal courts on a multitude of crimes; now facing additional state charges. MORE HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • Peter Smith (Estate): Attempted to buy Hillary Clinton’s missing email during the 2016 campaign. MORE HERE.
  • Randy Credico: American radio talk show host involved with Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi and WikiLeaks during the final days of the Campaign. MORE HERE and HERE.
  • Rick Gates: Former Trump campaign official and Paul Manafort partner convicted of perjury; cooperating with the Special Counsel and awaiting sentencing. MORE HERE.
  • Rinat Akhmetshin: Russian-American lobbyist, present during the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting; former intelligence agent in the Soviet army. MORE HERE.
  • Rob Goldstone: English publicist and friend of the Russian Agalarovs and the Trump family; arranged the Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner. MORE HERE.
  • Roger Stone: Longtime personal friend and ally of Donald Trump, currently facing obstruction, giving false statements and witness tampering charges for lying to Congress in his testimony regarding the Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks. MORE HERE and HERE.
  • Sam Nunberg: A low level Campaign advisor who made news when he was subpoenaed by Mueller’s grand jury last year and made a series of apparently drunken calls to major TV networks; associate of Roger Stone. MORE HERE.
  • SCL Group Limited: the parent company of Cambridge Analytica. MORE HERE.
  • Steve Bannon: Former Breitbart executive; cofounder of Cambridge Analytica; strategist with the Trump Campaign and briefly a member of the White House administration. According to one unnamed source, Bannon is the high ranking Campaign source directing Roger Stone in his interactions with WikiLeaks. MORE HERE and HERE.
  • The Trump Campaign
  • Ted Malloch: Right-wing commentator and Trump ally, appeared before the Mueller grand jury. MORE HERE.
  • Tony Fabrizio: Republican pollster who was questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for sharing polling data with Russians. MORE HERE.
  • WikiLeaks: Designated an agent of the Russian military intelligence, WikiLeaks was responsible for leaking email stolen from the DNC, DCCC and members of the Clinton Campaign during the final days of the 2016 campaign according to indictments from the Mueller grand juries. MORE HERE and HERE.


  • Annie Donaldson: an attorney who served as Don McGahn‘s aide and then deputy counsel at the White House. MORE HERE.

  • Don McGahn: formerly Trump Transition counsel and White House counsel.
  • Erik Prince: founder of Blackwater; brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss. MORE HERE.
  • Flynn Intel Group: The lobbying/intelligence firm formed by Michael Flynn which represented Turkey; closed down after Flynn left the White House. MORE HERE.
  • Frontier Services Group: a Hong Kong-based company which specializes in providing security, logistics and insurance for businesses operating in hostile environments; Erik Prince is an investor. MORE HERE.
  • Hope Hicks: former Campaign press secretary, Transition Team member and White House Communications Director; involved in a number of allegations where she covered or lied for Trump. MORE HERE and HERE.
  • Jay Sekulow: Former attorney for the Trump Administration; implicated by Michael Cohen in okaying his false testimony to Congress. Currently a frequent Fox News guest. MORE HERE and HERE.
  • Jeff Sessions: member of the Transition team; Attorney General until fired by Trump.
  • KT McFarland: Vice chair of the Transition team; acted as Deputy National Security Advisor under Michael Flynn for the first four months of the Trump administration. Questioned by Special Counsel about Flynn’s discussions with Sergei Kislyak. MORE HERE.
  • Kushner Companies: Group of real estate holdings, founded by Charles Kushner in NYC, currently run by Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner. MORE HERE, HERE and HERE.

  • Mark Corallo: former Trump legal team spokesperson; resigned over concerns that the Trump Tower statement was untrue. MORE HERE.
  • Michael Flynn: member of the Trump Campaign and Transition team; former Trump National Security Advisor; admitted to perjury and is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  • Michael Flynn Jr.: son of Michael Flynn; ally of Donald Trump and early member of the Trump Transition team.
  • Reince Priebus: Member of the Trump Campaign and Transition team; first White House Chief of Staff and prior chair of the Republican National Committee.
  • Rhona Graff: Described as the “gatekeeper” of the Trump Organization; worked for the business for decades. Her name came up recently in Michael Cohen‘s public testimony. MORE HERE.
  • Sean Spicer: Former White House press secretary and frequent Fox News guest.
  • Sheri Dillon: Trump’s personal attorney under review by the House Oversight Committee for possibly making false statements on behalf of her client. MORE HERE.
  • Stefan Passantino: A former White House deputy counsel who will now handle its responses to Democratic investigations. MORE HERE.
  • The Presidential Inaugural Committee: Under investigation for misspending; the committee was headed up by Tom Barrack; download a complete member list HERE.
  • The White House: Currently occupied by Donald Trump, who expends up to sixty per cent of his day in “Executive Time” watching TV and consulting with his Fox News friends and Russian advisors.
  • Tom Barrack: Ally and friend of Donald Trump and head of his Inaugural committee. MORE HERE.
  • Tom Bossert: Head of Homeland Security, forced out by Secretary of Defense John Bolton; Bossert also ran cybersecurity efforts, including its response to Russian interference in the 2016 election.
  • Trump Transition: For a complete list of the Trump Transition Team members, go HERE.
  • Viktor Vekselberg: Ukrainian Russian businessman and fourth richest man in Russia; a U.S. firm he invests in wired $500,000 to a LLC owned by Michael Cohen. MORE HERE.


  • Department of Justice
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • General Services Administration



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