Judge Jackson Puts Roger Stone on a Schedule

The dirty trickster’s day in court is set for 5 November 2019 at 9:30am. Federal District Judge Amy Berman Jackson scheduled this date and all intervening pre-trial motions in her Scheduling Order released 15 March.

Defendant Roger Stone and his lawyers are now constrained to meet a passel of deadlines before that date. Likely, we’ll witness quite a bit of drama over the summer as these deadlines come and go.

For the general public, set your calendars to 30 August. The Pretrial Statements (if released) will be as juicy as the Manafort case. They will contain exhibits, witness lists, prior convictions and joint stipulations among other items. The Manafort exhibits were jaw dropping itemizations that included that infamous ostrich coat, his home in the Hamptons, offshore bank accounts and incriminating email. Look for similarly engaging evidence when the government presents its proof against Roger Stone, including interactions with WikiLeaks and the GRU’s Guccifer 2.0. The  identity of that highly placed Trump campaign official may also be revealed.

Below are the deadline dates:

  • 30 May: Hearing date for any motions to dismiss or a motion alleging a defect in the prosecution.
  • 21 June: Hearing date on defense motion to suppress statements or evidence.
  • 15 July: Defense reply to the government’s notice of its intention to introduce evidence.
  • 16 August: Replies to motions in limine by either party. Also, both parties must submit their jury questionnaires.
  • 30 August: Joint Pretrial Statements must be filed.
  • 17 September: Pretrial Conference held.
  • 19 September: Both parties must tell the court of their proposed strikes for cause.




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